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    First off, I want to say that this is a good (just because I think it's not usual) subject for your paper. It's gonna help to clarify some aspects of games and the people who spend some time playing. At least in your class. There is, still, a lot of people who think that ALL (or the majority) of gamers are all lonely with some social disfunction or something.

    Back to your topic, my thoughts:

    - English is not my native language, so playing games, listening to music, using the internet and such helped me A LOT in the process of learning some of it;
    - Meeting good people. I still talk with some of my old WoW buddies just to catch up, since the guild broke up back in Burning crusade's times;
    - Believe me or not, I had the chance to know different cultures just by talking to them. At least I had the chance to learn little things from them. Europeans, americans, asians, etc.

    - I do spend too much time playing, it's my favorite hobby. Even when I'm working I always have my 'play time';
    - I also, unfortunately, met some bad people. They're everywhere, aren't they? :\
    - All the money I spent with games and stuff related to it. I mean, its my hobby, ok, I should not be complaining, but I could be using it in other things, its not a BIG deal, but you got the idea.
    - All my past girlfriends didn't want to play or didn't understand why I like playing so much.

    I think that is what I can say. In my perspective, at least. Hopefully you will grab good info in here. Good luck with the paper, and let us know your grade, lol.

    And btw, thanks for the different topic.

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