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    I believe this build will have enough to get you through normal and maybe through nightmare. It's great for dps spams and pew pews, as long as your not getting your face too beat in during the boss encounter. The damage seems great for all these abilities and their specific runes as well as being somewhat mana efficient, though I can see that being quite a problem in the future or harder difficulties.

    I'm really looking forward to trying this out or any other builds out there. Hopefully it's not too much like wow where each class has "THE PVE BUILD" and if you don't follow that then you might as well uninstall because you won't be effective towards the group or guild (I know, only 4 people on a server).

    This game looks great, hopefully we can all try the beta out at some point :P but we'll most likely have to wait for June or further for release :(
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    I'm really pumped about playing this game! D2 consumed many years of my life!

    I'm a little bit saddened that my current computer is a Macbook Pro, it will play the game just fine, but not to the expectations of greatness this game deserves. It's just that though, it will play just "fine"....I want it to play GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love you guys, love this site, D3 for life!
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