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    Considering the game is over 2 years away. Which means it won’t even go into Alpha until the end of 2021. And in Alpha, players give a ton of feedback for their systems and change a ton even before Beta. I’m 100% positive the runeword system and the stat system will greatly change and improve by release. So I wouldn’t sweat the small things until another 24 months from now lol. Be more concerned with aspects like the ‘Open World’ feature that’ll greatly change how you experience Diablo.

    I second this outside of the negative feelings on "Open World". Why would anyone be against this? This is the best change imo for D4

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    I was hoping for something brand new but i can live with those.

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    Quote from Aerisot»

    The leak that was right about everything else so far stated that the 5 classes announced at launch would be Barb, Sorc, Druid, Amazon, and Paladin.

    But like every other leak, take it with a grain of salt until it is proven true, they already said they are going to be releasing multiple classes throughout it's release, so they could change their minds on the starting lineup.

    Im satisfied with that. Tho i do hope down the line they create a brand new class. Not sure what id want tho and how theyd be able to make it feel realistic for the story/game. Any ideas?

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    If u watch the guys streaming the demo u wouldnt say some dumbshit like this lol. Tho the official gameplay trailer was low res so i can see if u got ur impression just from that.

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    Quote from Aerisot»

    Honestly, I have nothing against Immortal, it was just unfortunately, wrong place, wrong time, very wrong question. (don't you have phones?)

    Same here. I believe the only reason it got so much hate is that ppl were expecting a D4 announcement and we didnt get one.

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