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    Heya Bag, nice to see you around, use your tools and information all of the time. Cheers for those. :-)

    For me it's easier to stutter by "single clicking" ie, not using the force move on mouse button thing and instead single clicking in the general direction I want to stutter but my attacks per second go way, way down like this. Someone suggested moving force move to space bar, so perhaps I'll give that a try. One odd thing I noticed sometimes was by doing the single click move method and firing just 1-2 MS shots in at a time (vs holding down the MS button for seconds at a time) the mobs seem to somehow die as fast as they do when I'm sitting there holding the mouse button down with max APS which makes no sense to me. If I'm sitting there hammering away at absolute max APS (which should equal DPS) why would tossing a MS hit in once per second be faster than the 2+ times per second I get holding down the button?

    Biggest limitation is, well, both. :-P Die fairly often but also seem to take ages to knock out elites, especially when trying to group up trash along with elites and drag them along like the pros do, there's just no way I get in enough DPS while attacking on the move (this is obviously the counterpoint to the "sometimes" above). I do have plenty of alternative gear, even ancient, in my stash still that trades DPS for Vit that I can switch back to, I was under the impression the best method is to keep life at around 500-600k and then focus on DPS above almost all else so that's what I've been doing.

    Regarding 4mans, I wonder if there are gem leveling communities that would be willing to run at around 100 with me as a semi-leech DPS support like there are for power leveling, g/rift farming, etc.

    So you played UE MS early in s13, how'd it go?

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    I'm totally stuck trying to clear GR93 with my UE MS build. I'm fairly certain all of the gear is about as optimized as I can get it complete with lvl80 augments on nearly all items. I'm around p900 level.

    I've tried to study wudijo's guides and play like him (constantly hop around/stutter-step fire while always moving) but I find it extremely difficult to stutter-step in his style even after lengthy practice sessions in town. I also find that I do better if I just do my standard "kill everything" style as I progress through vs. his hop around all the way through the level then stop and decide now's a good time to shoot stuff every now and then. I die all of the time hopping around like that. Heck, I die all the time with my method too, but it still works better for me.

    The closest I've come is within 3s of clearing it but my impression is with my paragon level and gear I should at least be able to clear GR99 and get into the solo leaderboard which is my goal for this (my first ever) season.

    Here's a link to my recorded gameplay on Twitch, but unfortunately it was some of my worst attempts: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/265290676

    Here's a link to my profile: https://us.diablo3.com/en/profile/minifrizzle-1425/hero/100275676

    Any advice?


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