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    posted a message on PS4 pre-torment?

    Haven't played D3 since before Necro, just got a PS4 and have been playing with my girlfriend. There's extensive info on late game and end game builds of varying purposes, and I look forward to one day having the legendaries/sets to make some of them happen, but there isn't a lot of information on the best way to get to that point... Farming that first set, etc. I've been running a very pet heavy build with corpse lance or revive, depending. Is there a better build? What's the best way to unlock the higher difficulties and start farming for that first set that will let you push further?

    Edit: Also, which set should I prioritize? I hear the pet set is doing well, Inarius seems fun, and Pestilence also seems amazing?

    Edit2: After some more google-fu, finally found what I was looking for, and for those who might also be curious about such things (seems unlikely this late in the game's lifespan, but who knows), there's a wonderful little guide with links to another good quick-start guide here: https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/necromancer-leveling-and-fresh-70-guide-patch-2-6-1-season-13

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