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    posted a message on Will it be balance
    I hope that the arena system will be like wow. and i do not agree that you say you need a healer in almost every matchsup.
    in wow ive played both 2vs2 and 3vs3 with pure dps team and reached almost 2k on both teams :).
    cant wait for diablo 3 to realise tho :D PVP FTW!
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    posted a message on What race/style do you play?
    PLaying as a zerg. Looove zerg :D their fcking awesome. usualy go for speedling-blings or roach-hydra.
    also love going cracklings-inferstor :P pm me and we can try out some games :)
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    posted a message on Frost Wizard
    i strongly agree with blizzard instead of comet.
    as you said the way its runed freezes the enemies.
    and makes it much easier for your group to handle.
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