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    Ancients Wake (AWake) is now recruiting members and officers! We are a brand new guild and looking to fill our community with active, mature (does not refer to age) members. We are striving to create a community that is not only for players looking to push their limits, but to casual and new players as well. We have no requirement as far as paragon or greater rift level is concerned, we simply are looking for great people from all walks of life and age groups to help build a great community. If you've been looking for a place that you can exceed your limits, or casually play with new and old friends, AWake is just the place for you.

    Members We Are Looking For:
    Active Players
    Respectful and Willing to Participate
    Open to Using Discord to Communicate
    Willing to Help Others
    Willing to Push Higher Greater Rifts

    How to Apply
    Add me directly in game @ MrBB922#1525
    Searching AncientsWake in clan finder
    Visit our website at https://www.ancientswake.com and fill out the Guild Application Form and view our Guild/Community Rules.

    Any questions please feel free to reply here, or use any of the other above contact methods and I will respond within 24-48 hours!

    NOTE: Please remember we are a brand new guild and website for an online community. We are trying to fill all ranks as we are in need of officers as well. Patience is needed as we grow our community and will be rewarded as such. We are working on our website to include forums, galleries, live chat, class builds with video, and much more.

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