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    posted a message on SEASON 12: Looking for 2 players for Season 12 group (need ZDPS necro + necro dps rathma) [EU]

    Hello. Me and my friend we are looking for 2 players for Season 12 to make a group and to push for rathma speeds in the 1st day hopefully (or at least in the weekend). We need 1 zDPS necro and 1 necro DPS (rathma).

    We are looking for 2 decent players (with some knowledge about the game, how season journey works; to be able to do gr20 solo).

    We aim that when Season 12 starts to: level up asap, get our sets and items, do some bounties, rifts/grifts and to prepare ourselves for the 'rathma speeds meta' ASAP and keep doing speeds daily :P

    I can play like 8h+ daily, mostly on the nights tho; like after 11PM i can play till 4-5AM in the morning. Thank you and GL to all in Season 12!

    BTag: SeekNDestroy#2734
    Region : EU

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