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    Awesome! Loved the wallpapers, even the Immortal ones. The early reveals with the blue ice was probably the most exciting thing to Diablo until the reveal trailers.

    Can't wait to try the new game and see if Blizzard have kept their standards up, even if people won't be willing to admit it. Good? Bad? We'll find out soon enough. Now I just need to get a new phone and wait for Diablo 4....

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    Quote from TheFuuZ»

    At least I hope Mr. Morhaime does the opening ceremony for a last time before Jay is going to take over. Thats all I want, I will not leave the hype train yet, but my expectations are lower, so in a few days, we will see.

    Have a nice weekend all.

    Wow, that would be amazing. Would never have thought of this. Being pretty much a life long Blizzard fan (Warcraft 1/2/3, Starcraft 1/2, and of course Diablo everything), this would be kinda emotional. Not teary eyed or anything, but more heart warming.

    Metzen and Morhaime defiantly are legends when it comes to video games.

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    It could refer to the Greed sweepstakes that happened on both facebook and twitter. It was stuff like a custom made ps4/xbox1/laptop in the theme of Greed.

    Grasping at straws.... there's a very little chance that it could be another announcement for something bigger or more game related during Gamescom and something leading up to Blizzcon.

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    Nice, these are always great to run when waiting for a rift to close. I usually skip 2 and 5.

    BTW, I'm a PS4 player too, hit me up if you'd like to run some grifts sometime.

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    Here's an old Bnet secret.....


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