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    posted a message on Need help to aim with the archon beam

    Hey guys, how are you? My english is pretty bad, so sorry in advance for that

    So, I've been trying to play with this build for a while but I can't manage to hit the archon beam on elites... I've read a few posts here and on reddit about the "no-hit" issue, but none of the workarounds seems to be working for me. I've tried to change the archon rune and to look at my monitor as a "clock face" and try to hit certain parts of the enemy depending on their position on the screen, but that does not seem to work well for me.

    Is this skill really bugged? Am I making some stupid mistake? I really want to play this character, but it's pretty annoying when you look at your beam going right through the core of the mob and his life don't go down.. so you have to carefully look for the blessed pixel and hope to kill it before it moves to much and you have to aim again.

    Any help would be appreciated


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