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    posted a message on The #1 Cloud of bats farming area + Build
    Write it down. Link the build. I don't watch videos. Why do people who make videos feel the need to show their faces in them? At least if you write it up properly people can skip to the parts which are important/relevant to them and their current situation.
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    There's a difference between difficulty based on skill level and difficulty based on gear level. Of course people will become frustrated when their progress is halted because of something beyond their personal abilities. No matter how much their skills mature they're stuck while they wait on drops that are far too random. Sure you can change your build but at the end there're only a few builds that work per class with very minor viable variations. It's possible to have 344645723423 different builds, theoretically, it's also possible to bolt a car together a million different ways but only a few are going to get you anywhere.

    At any rate I'll stick my head in the door come expansion time providing I have the time. As it is the game is a very dry sandwich.
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    posted a message on Uber Kuile Enrage has gotta go...
    The enrage timer is there so that the people able to beat it can sit up on their high horses acting like twats touting their high dps. If there was no enrage timer anyone could kill the mp10 bosses eventually and then what would those guys have to hold over you?

    While I personally think enrage timers are a gorilla's nutsack you're just going to have to follow the albeit unsympathetic advice of most of the people in the thread and switch to a higher dps build with higher dps gear or step down to a lower mp.

    Or you could go and play a better game. That's what I do.
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    posted a message on Two questions for players who vocally dislike the AH
    I had varying success on the AH but to be honest a game that's supposed to be pick up and play, hand and slash, action rpg is just getting bogged down with the AH.

    Having to leave the game to get to the AH, the inefficient design of it, and the lack of freedom when using it make the AH system incongruous and tedious.

    The fact that using it greatly improves your ability to progress through the game, and hence making it almost essential unless you wish to spend a very long time grinding and farming, means you waste a lot of time you could have been smashing, refining AH search parameters.

    I've lost a lot of interest in this game. I only come here because I truly and honestly hope that it becomes something I would like to play in the future.

    Why do people come here and the official forums to complain instead of just playing something else? Because, like me, they truly, honestly hope that this game changes enough to emulate what they, and I, loved about its predecessors, and at the moment, they, and I, don't believe it is that yet.
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    Every legendary I've found (maybe 5) I found on the weekend. Since I'm a university student my playtime on any said day is roughly the same but I get better rares and legendaries dropping on Saturday and Sunday. Weird.

    While seeing someone else getting all the rng love doesn't worry me I would like to find at least one useful rare per act clear, for any class.
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