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    well, about my plans? i will try for once to join the meta in groups to pump my paragon, only 1300 NS atm. so i'm thinking about going monk, and HOPEFULLY they will be in the speedfarm meta(although i think speed runs will remain the same, 563276 necros and a barb). otherwise i'm fucked yet again.

    if you do plan on playing solo, DH is probably the best option out there, they are beasts for soloing journeys, especially now with the MS buff you will probably complete the journey half asleep. DH has always been my first option in seasons because of how easy they are to solo it, only problem was t13 rift in 4 minutes and maybe 1 conquest. now with MS buff there is no question, only help you might need is if you are going for boss mode conquest, everything else is easy solo.

    If u want to go solo, I will suggest to go WD this season:

    1. GR45 without set item is a faceroll... u can do it with only 3 items (Jeram' Mask, Tasker and Teo and the ring that gives u 3 mini-gargantua) and all yellow gear becouse all gear got buffed;
    2. Boss MODE: TURBO CHICKEN is the way!!!
    3. up to lvl 70: WD is the fastest char to lvl up
    4. Arachyr set dungeon = faceroll
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    U can get at any level

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    I don't have the beta but as i'm reading from patch notes, it seems that Army of Dead get insanely buffed (12.000% weapon damage) and with the Unconventional Warfare it does some incredible damage (50.000% weapon damage over 4 sec.).

    And if you get the 6-pieces pet-set bonus, it gets +200% damage for each skeleton mage you have (up to 6) so it means +1200% damage: it means that you need to multiply the other damage x13 if i'm correct

    And if you have Endless Walk, you get an extra +100%

    Let's check he numbers:

    Unconventional Warfare: 50.000% weapon damage over 4 sec. = 500x weapon damage over 4 sec.

    Add 6 skeleton mages: 500x weapon damage over 4 sec. x 13 = 6500x weapon damage over 4 sec.

    Add EW: 6500x weapon damage over 4 sec. x2 = 13000 x weapon damage over 4 sec.

    Ok it has 120 sec. cd (but u can reduce it with the 2-pieces pet-set bonus) but to me it seems an A-Bomb....

    Anyone can do some testing and post some results?

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