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    Here's a funny vid for all you HC players. :xD:


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    So I picked up D3 in February, and I've played all throughout S10 on Xbox One. After many many hours, I have a few suggestions on changes. Let me know what y'all think.

    1) Pick some preset paragon level that allows a player to do GRifts without keystones

    Make it level 700, or 800 perhaps. But pretty much everybody who gets to these high paragon levels can clear T13 NRifts without trouble. I think by the time you reach that point, you shouldn't be required to slog through NRifts if all you're wanting to do is push GRifts. After P700, NRifts would still give you gold/items/DB/XP, but Rift Guardians wouldn't drop GRift keystones anymore. I mean, by the time you get to such high paragon levels in a season, I feel like you've earned the privilege to skip NRifts for GRift keys.

    2) Guaranteed ancients from Kanai's Cube

    Add a cube recipe for "Upgrade Legendary to Ancient". This would simply take a regular Legendary and make it ancient, with random stat roll. Double the resource requirements from existing Reforge Legendary. So that would mean 10x for each bounty mat and 100 forgotten souls. Perhaps even require 25 death's breath. "Upgrade Legendary to Ancient" would not increase chance for Primal Ancient, and "Reforge Legendary" would work the same way it does now.

    3) Speed up legendary gem upgrade upgrade process at Urshi

    If you watch the numbers in the stats of the gem, you already know whether or not the upgrade worked because it updates instantly. But before you spend another chance, you have to wait for the stupid animation and sound to finish. Yeah it's only a few seconds, but is still very annoying and gets old quick.

    4) Add option to disable boss battle invites

    I've read that Blizzard isn't crazy about split bounties, so this is probably something that wouldn't be considered, but it would be great if there was an ability to turn off boss battle invites. It's so annoying to be attacking with the A button and accidentally accept an invitation to a boss battle. You can't even get back to where it teleported you from. So if you had 3 enemies left in level 2 of some dungeon, the only way to get back there after being summoned to a boss battle is to travel via waypoint and go from there. Sucks.

    5) Allow inspection of party members' equipment/skills regardless of distance

    What is the point of requiring me to practically stand right next to a fellow party member in order to look at his gear and skills? This is completely arbitrary. I cannot conceive of a technical limitation that would prevent the devs from doing away with this requirement and letting you view party members' details no matter where they are in the world.

    6) Vote kick for consoles

    Pretty much self explanatory. Put it on the party menu. I understand the complication with games being hosted by individual players. But there's no reason they can't at least provide the ability to kick non-host players. Yeah you're still screwed if the host goes idle, but being able to kick non-host players is way better than what we have now.

    7) Remove gems without jeweler

    This is fairly minor, but since removing gems doesn't cost anything as of patch 2.5, why do we still need to go to the jeweler? I guess because the skills/inventory menu doesn't have an interface for it? Shouldn't be that hard to add.

    8) Make "Mass salvage" also salvage Junk

    Has anyone ever wanted to mass salvage, but keep your junk? Me neither.

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    Quote from reeeech»

    On a side note - I hope you're playing seasons. Because if you're not, and plan to get GOLD membership just to get bounty mats is a pointless move. Non seasoned characters can just dupe any item on consoles. NOT saying you'll dupe, but being in a public lobby - other's can and will spoil it for you.

    Seasons you can not dupe and is worth doing split bounties for.

    I'm playing Seasonal. Thanks for the tip though,
    Worked out pretty well last night. Split farming definitely the way to go. It's too bad Xbox doesn't let you kick individual players from the game though. Had a couple players that just wanted to come in and farm XP, weren't helping with the bounties at all....even though the game was labeled for bounties.

    We found two rainbow goblins and I got two out of three ancient items I was looking for by reforging. I'm already out of mats again though lol.
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