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    Hey Guys,

    Since 2017 I've been working on a hobby aRPG project I've titled Beelzebox. Originally, it was a small game made for a one-room-rpg jam and the title alluded to that, mixing a demonic name and referencing the fact most modern aRPGs are skinner boxes.

    The little project showed promise, so I decided to keep working on the thing, adding new features and stuff whenever I found free time. It became both a love letter to Diablo 1 and 2 and a bit of a parody, with the cartoony characters based off my old webcomic mixed with a dark atmosphere.

    Since this is a community dedicated to the Diablo games, I decided to share the project with you. It's currently a free demo, available to download on itch.io and I'd love you to try it out and give me your feedback.


    What I hope you'll find interesting is the first person mode I once added on as an experiment and which turned out to be so refreshing that it became a feature. You enter it by pressing the space bar and you can unlock your cursor by pressing shift (I'll be changing that so something more akin of System Shock 2 or modern BR games though).

    I don't have player progression ready yet. There will be stats to allocate (with item requirements and bonus stats from them) and skills to choose from but currently there's only one skill, which is actually 5 skills. You can socket it with gems, which gives it various elemental effects. The gems don't drop from monsters yet. They are scattered around the starting village. I hope to make quite a few skills that will follow this design.

    Should you have any questions or suggestions, I'd love to hear them! There are quite a few bugs I might not be aware of, so should you play the game and find any, please tell me about them!

    Whenever I make progress on the project, I'll try to post it here. It won't make its way to the demo build at once but it should be fun to discuss.

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