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    posted a message on No Life team for the weekend + more (Softcore S15)

    Hey boys and girls :) Im forming a no life team for Season 15. Goal is to get to 70 fast as possible and start gearing and grifting. It's important that we have same goals to make this a good thing. We will play what is best for the group.

    Plan is to play 16 hour first session and same the next day. That means that you are logged in next day and don't show up late when everybody else is waiting for you :)

    * Good team spirit.

    * Have working mic we will use discord

    *Bring a happy attitude

    * And of course some knowledge about Diablo 3 and team play.

    * Be logged on 1 hour before we start to talk about our strategy

    If you have questions about me or anything else ask me. Here is my Discord: radde#6140

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    posted a message on Creating a group for homeless people:)

    As always 13 season in row im going ham the first weekend.

    We start 17.00 and go 12-16h in first session. The idea is to play all weekend.

    What Im looking for is that you know your class and know what to gamble and so on (Dont want to babysit or explain stuff for you to make it an efficacy as possible)

    We will use Discord or I can use discord and that is a important:)

    Classes will be discussed by our team and we here to have fun. So bring a good attitude and a good team sprit to make it more fun

    Im from Sweden 21. If you interested and want to ask question feel free to pm or add me. Discord: Radde#6140 Bnet: Radwan#2379

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    posted a message on Season 11 Looking for team!

    Hey as always for 11 season I go hardcore for the first day with a team. This season I looking for group again and willing to play anything that fits the group

    but I prefer to play Wizard because of the tal set starting gear!

    If you need me or wanna team up with me hit me with a friend request radwan#2379

    What I looking for is that team have a working mic and be online at least f or the first 3 days to nerd it out

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    posted a message on Supp Monk LFG

    Looking for relaxing greater rifts party and I don't want to rush anything and play 24/7

    I'm cool guy nothing special about me.

    My goal is to have fun.

    My current para is : 725 and I have played Diablo 3 when it came out.

    BT: Radwan#2379

    Edit: I can play any role if that's okey.

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    posted a message on LFG Season 10 (Barb)

    Hey, you sounds like a fun guy! Hook me up, I'm from Sweden. I can play anything not that picky but would prefer to play DH because of the meta! BT: Radwan#2379

    I have all weekend to play !

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