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    posted a message on Hey All - Clan <JKRZ> - jokers - is recruiting members.

    Hey all - our relatively new clan <JKRZ> - jokers - is recruiting members. A few things about us:

    • NA Servers - mainly seasonal SC
    • No paragon or skill level requirements. New players are encouraged to join.
    • You must be active, talkative, and not easily offended.
    • If you generally play solo, or are only interested in pushing upper level grifts, this is not the place for you.
    • There is a Discord server set up for use by all clannies
    • we run a bit of everything - bounties, rifts, grifts, etc.
    • We are always happy to carry newer players to help them gear up.

    Feel free to look for us - <JKRZ> , or add me in game - achillgnome#1224.

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