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    This may seem like a silly question but I can't seem to find an answer here on diablofans, what exactly does the color coding and symbols mean on the item affixes? It seems to be tied to item rarity since there is yellow and orange text, but I am not sure what it signifies.
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    Quote from Roger

    Anyone else feels they should be paying more attention to farming spots and they are not?

    Right now it is almost undisputed that the most efficient place to farm is ACT 3 craters and towers. This is feeling so boring that I open the game, think about farming the same spot, and give up playing it. And I don't want to farm anywhere else that will take forever to earn the same XP or having a lot less chance of getting good drops.

    I think you missed this part of the news post you just posted on...

    Aw man... Damn. Yeah the description in the blog this morning is missing a crucial "for increased rewards" in that sentence. That's my fault. Thanks for the call out.

    What this means is that you can adjust any part of inferno to be the same difficulty/loot rewards as act 3 (or even harder maybe), so you can farm wherever you want...
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    Quote from phoulmouth

    Originally, the team designed inferno difficulty to be a flat difficulty on all acts with the drop rates the same in each act. The reason they decided this at first is because they didn't want people to farm the same area over and over (Meph Runs/Baal Runs). After testing it out, they felt that it wasn't very "Diablo-like" to not have the progressive difficulty. Essentially, they ended up making a fourth difficulty, Inferno, where each act gets progressively harder.

    Now that the game has been around for a while, I'm beginning to think that Inferno is kind of a hoax. It was advertised to be this insanely tough difficulty with the best drops in the game. However, once a character is properly geared for Inferno, it is no harder than Hell mode in D2.

    Let's face two honest facts. Hell mode is too easy (it was supposed to be as hard as hell in D2), and Inferno is not hard enough. Blizzard needs to do something to fix this. They obviously can't just scale Hell to be as hard as inferno since there's such a big jump in DPS/vit requirement in inferno compared to hell. IMO, they should make it so that you can use a difficulty slider in Inferno. The problem is that Im sick of farming Act 3 over and over since it has the best drops. They need to make an inferno option to be able to choose a difficulty level for each act before you start playing it. That way, I could actually farm Act 1 and have it be challenging/rewarding.

    So when did you quit the design team yourself because you seem to "know" things that I haven't seen anywhere on the interweb until reading your post. Saying that Inferno was supposed to be the same drop rate in each act is utterly hilarious and proves you are talking out of your buttocks. Even moreso when you say Hell difficulty in D2 was hard.... what are you smoking kiddo? D2 Hell difficulty was a complete and total fucking joke. You state that D2 hell was more difficult that D3 hell as a "fact" when it is obviously not the truth at all, good shit. Rose tinted nostalgia glasses FTL. As to stating that Act 3 has the best droprates, again, you are wrong. Act 3 and 4 have the same exact drop rates.

    Why makes posts and try to state things as fact when you are obviously making it all up?

    When Inferno was first previewed, they told us it was the same difficulty across all acts (and therefore same droprates) and then it was changed later to the system we have now. The other stuff you're right about, though you don't have to be so mean about it.
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    Anyone want to help me out as well?


    I can survive pretty well in act 3 but I really would like to up my damage, takes forever to kill things. Any suggestions?
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    Quote from SolHellyon

    Quote from ILoveWaffles

    The Gargantuan attacks for 100% (up from 25%) of your weapon damage as Physical.
    -> Wrathful Protector : Summon a more powerful Gargantuan that only lasts for 15 seconds. The Gargantuan's fists burn with fire, dealing 110% (up from 55%) of your weapon damage as Fire and knocking enemies back.
    Shitty deal i guess.

    especially when cleave gargantua does 130% weap dmg

    seriously did they even read what they changed? i mean SERIOUSLY ?

    instead of constant 130% weap dmg im gonna take 15 sec once every min to do less dmg ? sure why not it says more powerful im gonna pick this 1

    that glyph should have 500% dmg or sth like that

    1 min - 130% dmg (10k dps) so 13k hits every 1.5 sec (assuming) so 40x13 = 520k dmg
    15 sec - 110% dmg (10k dps) so 11k hits every 1.5 sec so 10x11 = 110k dmg

    how is that even close to beeing equal .. its like a skill in a totally diff league why the fu*k would i even consider using that skill if it does ~5 times less dmg ?

    Did you miss the part where it says "Unofficial"?
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    I can't say I was happy with every class preview, but this one was SPOT ON! I think I'll be switching from my monk to my WD in the patch.
    GJ blizz
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