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    Quote from Shapookyaยป
    But I don't see a reason to block them behind GR70. If they are so rare that they basically never drop, then does it matter if you cleared GR70 or not? Also, wouldn't it be a huge incentive for a casual player to keep playing if he gets lucky and finds a primal? Again, it's super rare and you have to get extremely lucky to even find one. Why the gate behind GR70?
    The reason is so a player doesn't get lucky at Paragon 1 and magically find a Primal Ancient that propels them so much further and faster than everyone else. Even at a 1% drop rate, 1% of the player population will find one day 1, and a good percentage of those will be weapons.
    Yes, we see day 1 lv 70s and day 1 Paragon 200's, but locking behind the GR70 makes sense at least from the season race perspective. It smooths out the curve a bit in power acquisition.
    I'm still disappointed that Primals only yield what amounts to a small stat buff. They could have been so much more. There's simply no chase factor on these for me.
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    posted a message on Why is there no drop buff in the ptr?

    The 2000% drop rate has been in contention for many, many, seasons. As Bagstone points out, it attracts players that want to utilize PTR server time for drops rather than tests.

    It took Blizzard about 3 years to actually figure this out, despite it being very obvious and people stating how to fix it (add an item vendor).

    Good for Blizzard, I suppose. But to me, it just demonstrates how truly dense they are and their opinion of the D3 community.

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    This article is drivel. Might as well have a footer that says "advertisement for Torchlight 2"

    I literally lol'ed at the part where he said "potion management like in Diablo II". Spamming potions is NOT potion-management.

    other lol-worthy things:
    TL2 doesn't have a RMAH. - Ermm... duh? You don't need to buy items if you can "hack" them into the game yourself. And guess what? If you couldn't, there would be a 3rd party website set up somewhere to assist in your purchasing needs.

    Bosses - the description of TL2 sounds exactly like bosses in D3. Different attack patterns (Butcher, anyone?), clones/minions (Mahgda?), different phases (Belial, Azmodan, Diablo).
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    NV automatically dropping rares is a problematic system. It's made rares far, far too common. This was a large mistake on Blizzard's part. I can remember when 800 dps 1h'ers were sought after. Now? 5k on the AH; easily acquired. The entire gear curve was destroyed at this point.

    Even if you vendor 98% of the rares you find, you keep the best 2%. When you do find a Legendary, you're comparing that to the top 2% of a large sample size of rares, and suddenly you realize, the Legendary doesn't hold value, and nobody desires it. I find it hilarious that people complain "I can't sell anything on the AH", yet at the same time want further increased drops.

    To the point: allowing skill swaps for NV will put a final nail in the derp coffin. It's easy to determine which skills to use against which elite pack. If Blizzard allows this, the next "community demand" will be "I want buttons F1-F5 to automatically save my builds". Might as well just allow players to use all skills at once with any rune.
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    Quote from Frankieheart

    "The Magic Find attribute can be found on any weapon or armor"

    This is incorrect as not a single weapon in the beta had magic find or gold find on it.

    Quote from Frankieheart

    Ah you are right for all intensive purposes really
    lol when people trying to sound smart... You're wrong about MF on weapons, and you're wrong about "intensive purposes". The saying is "intents and purposes". And it doesn't apply, because the original statement is 100% correct in all circumstances.
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    Quote from Klusterboy

    fucking daily fallen. that whole hype from blizz make me sick.

    I had Javascript off, and couldn't see the in-panel art, so I gave it a click.
    What I was expecting: Book of Cain style artwork. Highly detailed renditions of The Fallen in glorious pen/pencil.
    What I got: 3rd grader artwork done in MS Paint.

    Sorry, it's just not my style.
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    Quote from Snowbrew

    Maybe I'm not seeing it but doesn't the whole loot thing mean that people could probably find a way to farm high end loot from Act 1 Inferno or something and bring the prices down like crazy? :S I'm thinking more along the lines of it potentially damaging the auction house...
    Sigh... this again.
    It's a virtual economy. Unlimited suply of gold/items. There's no economy to "ruin".

    You can argue about comparisons between paper-cash societies, and virtual economies, but it's really moot. The only thing that matters is time. If you're spending TIME farming Act 1 Inferno to "ruin" the economy, you aren't "ruining" it. You are actively participating by playing the game. Participating in an economy is HEALTHY, not ruinous.

    The only way to "ruin" the economy would be to eliminate the time sink - dupes, hacks, bots.
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    Quote from Ellypse

    In certain regions where game realms and servers are shared by players in multiple countries, you will be given the option to choose one single currency. However, please note that Battle.net Balances for different currencies are tracked separately and cannot be used interchangeably. For example, you cannot use Battle.net Balance purchased using U.S. dollars in a non-USD-based auction house, and you are not able to transfer Battle.net Balance purchased in one currency to or from Battle.net Balance purchased with a different currency.

    I'm Australian and if I'm reading this correctly... if I want to use the US auction house (Australian one will be empty and everything will be overpriced), I should top up my account with USD, because AUD will only be usable on the Australian RMAH? Assuming I can actually access the USD RMAH?

    This is correct. You can choose USD, but then all your USD transactions will be in USD. You won't be able to use AUD on the USD AH.
    This is a good thing, honestly. It keeps the economies as actual economies. You may be correct about the AUS economy, but it will be like that all over. Honestly, you would want someone from a lower economy diluting your market when you attempt to sell something, would you? Can't have it both ways, mate.
    You won't be the only one playing in AUS, either.
    It also stops money laundering to a certain extent.
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    Am I the only one that finds Bashs explanations of the Cube/Cauldron removal... lame? His posts basically say "If you dont go back when one of your group has an full inv you will die... but hey you can take a leak while you wait for him because the town is safe". Also the whole thing about you dying if you look into a side room without your group... it basicly forces you to stay with your group... in every situation. If 2 decide to rush and 2 want to play slower either all of you die, 2 of them leave, or 2 are forced to play a way they dont like.

    My theory is that they removed these items to avoid duplication exploits.

    To the group-play items: Don't like it? Don't play in a group. Go play single player with a Merc... what's the problem?
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    Quote from lorien1973

    Barbarians kinda got screwed with the stat changes, didn't they? Seems like they need Str/Dex/Vit and a little Intellect(?) - while other classes need maybe 2 at the most.

    No. Health globes are supposed to scale with max life... and Barbs should have TONS of that.
    The Int change is there so when a Wizard/Witch Doctor pick them up, they'll have a meaningful impact late-game.

    Dex will help a Barb, but only for avoidance. Barb should soak, not avoid, but playstyles will vary.
    Monk kit is avoidance, Barb kit is reduction.

    The stats make sense, but I feel it's oversimplification. I will miss Precision.
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    posted a message on Wizard Wave of Force Runed, Poll Recap, and Curse Weekly Update
    Wave of Force isn't meant to be an impressive, kill it all spammable spell. It's utility.
    The last rune that adds further knockback and smaller damaging waves seems like the best.
    The stun may come in handy as well, but if it's highly reduced in higher difficulties, it won't be very good.
    If you want the damage-kill version, just put in that gem. Looking here, it's almost 300% bonus damage. But honestly, I think the Wizard will have other options for kill spells.

    I really don't get why people think D3 is D2. Spells are going to have cooldowns to help balance their effects. This is one of them.
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    Quote from kebabylon

    Compared to a somewhat leved charged bolt in D2 that looks quite, let's say, un-viable.

    It's not meant to be viable. It's a signature spell. Notice the 0 mana cost.It's meant to be used as a filler when other spells are on cooldown or you are low on resources.Personally, the damage on it looks good for a free cast spell. If the runes are somewhat accurate, and the spell can multi-hit mobs (up close), it can pack a punch. So no, it's not meant to be as impressive as meteor.
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