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    - there are a few great builds and every thing else is "customized", diversity is an illusion.

    I can see you have no idea about the end game and build diversity in this game like at all, check Mathil's build list from ANY league. It's just a quick example. Any Shaper kills? I can name something like 20 Shaper+ capable different builds for just a single class. Sorry for off-topic.
    I just miss Diablo. Doubt Blizzard would do anything decent at this point.
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    Quote from Metropolis_Man»

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    Sorry to say but 2.6.1 patch is the final nail in the coffin for D3.

    Isn't it fascinating from a pure human observation perspective of how D3 players run the entire gamut? It's no different than how the entire human condition displays itself on a regular basis. I happen to be a Mac user. For whatever reason, that fact alone infuriates some people. Joe Blow says, "Macs are overpriced pieces of sh*t!" Joe's neighbor, however, says: "If you like Macs, great. Whatever works for you." I also happen to eat a ketogenic diet. Another lightning rod for some people. Joe Blow with veins bulging from his neck and pounding his keyboard types furiously..."You're going to kill yourself eating so much fat!" But, my doctor as he is looking at my latest blood test happily tells me, "wow...this is clearly working. Nice job."
    So, on the one hand, you have the trolls like Mr. Gonan above who want to simply jump on the dogpile and crap on D3, encouraging all of us that the game is dead. But, then there are the streamers, the developers, the players and mods like Bagstone on sites like this who put in lots of time...people who clearly love the game and are positive. I bought my BlizzCon virtual ticket and enjoyed every minute. No D4 announcements? Who cares? I watched some great high-level WoW arena matches, Starcraft pvp, a Muse concert, and yes, a nice D3 community panel.
    I am very excited to begin season 12. Good luck and have fun all season players. :)
    Sellouts like Bloodshed and Rhykker? What about Chainer? Quin? C'mon, dude, I see your point, but the developers are doing literally nothing for the last 1.5 years. Don't even start on this "balance" thing or challenge rifts, it's ridiculous. So many people said that D3 is a shadow of what it should be, but let's be honest here it's a shadow of what it even was. I mean... no offense. The game in maintenance mode, it is dead, not like "zero players" dead, but like "hey, look, +5000%! howboudat, community?" dead. Not like it was "last nail" and all that sentimental bs. Anyway, have fun.
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    whatever the case may be im a diablo fan through and through.if they come out with new classes great ill pay for it. if they make d4 awesome ill buy it. I still have hope for the diablo universe.hang in there fans trust me diablo has not forgot about us. :)

    Target audience. Pay for delay.
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