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    Hey guys, since the announcement of them bringing back the Necromancer, I installed and signed into Diablo II: LOD and i'm having a blast with the old Necro. Currently i'm doing the all summoning build. I'm currently level 20, but once I hit 99 I want to try and mimic the abilities that they are doing on D3 (bone spear, etc).

    Anyone else having as much fun as me? I usually name my game on battle.net "New Tristam" if anyone wants to join me on the USA East server.That being said it's going to be difficult for Blizzard to live up there original class creation. Also since then all the type of gear has changed with legionaries and all, so no more gold gear. And what do you think about being forced to pay for a new class and no expansion on D3? Comments!

    See you in Tristam,


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