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    Just saying - current diablo3 AND this new version are both the same "point of view": an external camera looking at the character.

    1st person: me, mine

    2nd person: you, your

    3rd person: them, their

    Now you could make an argument that it is 2nd person, if you are considering the avatar on the screen to be "you."

    But traditionally... you are not your character, so they're both 3rd person.

    So given that they're both the same "external camera looking at the avatar," the question should be

    what if it was an over the shoulder camera (3rd person) instead of fixed isometric (also 3rd person). The over the shoulder camera, once that's enabled, also allows 1st person view by zooming in until your screen = your character's eyes.

    The real question is why is it a FIXED isometric view? Why can't you simply change the camera around? Does that detract from some of the engineering of the assets? Does the "zoom in" feature imply that the world is entirely 3D?

    The biggest problem you can already see with the mockups is you get almost zero vision behind you, for an increased forward vision that doesn't help much with decisionmaking. This reduces the speed of the game tremendously, when you actually have to go up to a corner to see what's behind it. There's absolutely no way that some of the speed builds would work.

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    he said he had made ~$3,000+ on the RMAH before grinding paragon, and that "that was his limit" when getting items to grind out the levels. How much of that $3k was spent? Dunno! How much time did it take to get that much cash? Dunno!

    Of course, this lacking interview doesn't get to the core of what makes him tick.

    Average player like the rest of us? Uh... I got one bubble into paragon level 1 and laughed at how ridiculously terrible a concept it was. I could buy/sell items to offset the boredom, but for what when the core experience of the game is boring.

    I'm jealous of people who find diablo3 fun. I simply can't.

    Also, $3k is potentially a good amount of cash, fine, but the amount of time I'm estimating he had to spend (and cash he's spending staying alive in that time) puts that far below minimum wage to play D3 all the time. As others have said grats if there is actually something pleasurable happening, but I watched the droning monotony of him running the same pattern for hours and hours... yeaaaah
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    Quote from Intake

    maybe should have put it in spoilers haha, but yeah, people on fb arent either

    just struggling with 21 now...at least 20 is finally gone

    good point, hehe, edited it. I think the language barrier and the simplicity of the riddles leads me to believe forums are being fed the answers to the harder ones to generate some "hey lets solve this" buzz
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    Quote from Intake

    the thing is, according to its facebook page, question 20 was only just remade/changed as of the hint, but the answer is still the same, so the former hints still also apply..

    also : "The Never Completed Game First of all, there is an answer.
    Also, mission 20 is not the last mission."

    Hard to believe fml

    The answer to 20 is
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    Quote from Freke1982

    I did it.. after number 20 is one more number 20...

    the Answer is in the question YES NO NO

    No, the riddle was changed.

    Nobody has seen 21 yet.
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