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    So I'm going to start off explaining what the title is referring to if it's not obvious. This is the war between people who like the game and dislike the game, why they can't take their hands of each others' throats, and why both groups are wrong and no one is right.

    Now I will explain my own status. I am currently not playing Diablo 3 anymore, spare an hour a week if a friend needs a bit of help. I beat Inferno within the first few weeks spending around 2mil gold on the AH in total. I also did quite a bit of farming when the RMAH was released but I think I only really made around $250 before I got bored. I did not rush through the game, I did it at my own pace and things just happened as they did. I did it in the way it would benefit my enjoyment most. I enjoyed the bosses a lot, I think Blizzard did an amazing job with the D3 boss encounters and I think the skills are brilliantly made. Mechanically, I think this is the best game I have seen in a long time. However, I just got bored. It is my opinion that the items do not appeal to me, as they just feel like random stats placed on items that don't make them exciting like in Diablo 2. No Poison Nova flying out on hit, just nothing interesting to me. There is also really nothing to do. I don't think PvP would hold my interest for more than a week and there is no ladder, no real reset that would make me have to work hard to achieve a goal again and again and again.

    Now, to some with my outlook on the game itself, people who like this game are ruining the game and any chance for Blizzard to possibly fix it in the near future for those who want endgame. For people who are currently enjoying the game, people like me are ruining the game for beating it and wanting more to do.

    Both groups are wrong.

    People who are still enjoying the game have every right to do so and can have fun leveling alts, finding gear, not using the AH, etc. People who have completed the game, however, have limited options. People who have completed the game farm, farm, farm, and then maybe look at an AH window for a few hours. In Diablo II, people farmed a lot too. In Diablo II, however, it all lead to a goal. Items were exciting, helped you reach your goal faster, and more importantly items dropped if you spent two days farming for hours on end each day. Stuff just happened that told your brain;"this feels good." We just aren't getting that in Diablo III.

    The fact is that people will always think their opinion should be followed by all. If people don't like your opinion they are either;"lol QQ causal noob wtf" or "lol can I borrow mommie's credit card? lol no life nerd. enjoy the game the way I enjoy it." This might come as a shock, but people are different. Just because someone enjoys beating a challenging game as fast as possible and looks to grind to the top as a means of fun, or just because someone chooses to level each individual character to 60 at the same time and beat Inferno by farming weeks on end w/o using the AH, does not make either opinion right. Unfortunately, Blizzard has to appease both groups of players in order to make a truly great game. They are not doing this at the moment. As large as the player base that has not beat Inferno yet, or even made it to Inferno yet is, there is a large enough group of players finding nothing to do but treat Diablo III as a job farming for the AH.

    I've played many games where there have been similar scenarios. Either content makes elite players bored, or casual players get frustrated. Balance is difficult to achieve, and Diablo III is capable of getting better for players looking for unending content. Unfortunately at the moment, both groups of players have to understand each other and take their hands off of each others' throats.

    Edit: This post is somewhat in response for the way Force is being treated by some for announcing his departure. He did so gracefully w/o saying anything to entice either side into an argument, but it happened anyways. He is being treated poorly by people who believe the game is fun and think him announcing his departure was wrong, and that is of course making those disappointed with Diablo III wage war on the other side.
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    Quote from Molster

    ill take it anytime, anywhere.

    That's what she said.
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    Quote from Rym_

    Im a fan of the wings ( what gave that away? =P ) With the lore of the Nephalem being the offspring of demons and angles could it be posable that they get there wings from the angle side of there blood? With the world stone gone and the Nephalem gaining power this could be one of the things that happens ? just a lone shot in the dark.

    I agree! That's why they are aesthetic only. We don't get the same 'POW, I'm an ANGEL, BITCH' effect said angels do. They just kind of flap around in the wind and look pretty.
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