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    posted a message on Diablo III Auction House is Shutting Down on March 18, 2014
    WoW this is awesome change. I cant wait.
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    posted a message on What does "self-found" mean to you?
    Quote from Indimix

    Of course, in the current status of the game playing self-found is not a great experience, yet, is better than using the AH.

    ahh, i dont think thats true. HC is still holding up on self found items, and gold AH.
    I've also put up a challenge on US forums for mp10 leveling on SC with no AH. Its been fun actully. im already lvl 55 on my monk on self found items.
    The goal is to beat diablo inferno on self found items.

    oh btw, this has been done many times before. It IS do-able. People just have no patience for anything, and they have no control over themselves. See a upgrade weapon for 10 bucks? SURE you'll buy it , you enjoy it, then the farming stops. Which is the whole point of the game. Killing lots of demons, and a hunt for loot.
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    posted a message on Auction Houses Up and Running
    Quote from izzigoin

    "small number of players exploited a bug to duplicate gold"

    I laughed at this one. It's not like Blizzard gonna admit that the economy was ruined and tons of gold went god knows where. Lots of people who weren't even duping bought and sold items left and right making billions. All i see in this post is some bs for gullible ones. Even more funny are the people who still blindly defend Blizzards failtrain after all the sh** that happened since release.

    I think the most important fact is: The economy isnt ruined. Everything is back to normnal. And everyone can use the AH, and RMAH again, with an amazing patch that people are hella enjoying it.
    You WONT see a service like this from ANY other company.

    This is literally the company you paid ur 40 bucks of game to, that has been giving you free updates and free fixes and free content ever since the game was released. They still care, they still make good games and top notch service.

    If you cant move on from a simple bug, and play again. well dood, you really need to find another hobby. its kind of sad.
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    posted a message on The Making Of: Diablo, Blue Posts, Community Commentary: Why Can't We Be Friends?, Mephisto's Visage Fan Art
    Its kind of sad when Brevik and the others in the interview keep saying, when we were doing this, when we designed this, when we published this. Pretty disrespectful to everyone else on the team, a game isn't made by designers, a game is made by a lot of people, and its important to mention all those poor souls pouring their soul and heart into the game!
    I think its quiet arrogant and selfish, but that's just me, and that makes me dislike him as a person even more.

    on the other hand that art piece from thebabaghanoush is so good D= i put it as my ipad bkg already
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    posted a message on PTR 1.0.8 Datamined Info
    MF XP buff sounds cool, and need moar achievements xD yarrr
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    posted a message on Rob Pardo Regarding Jay Wilson, Dyes for Legendary Items, Hellfire Rings to be Salvageable in 1.0.7, Blizzard Comic Contest Entr
    I seem to be the only one whos ignoring all this talks and still playing....
    i never liked to follow drama that forums trolls make.
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    posted a message on Hard Core Players Unite!
    It definitely sounds like hardcore isnt for you.
    I hear people whine about game glitch, game latency, game issues and monsters bugging out.

    couple things to remember:
    1) this is a game, a computer program, anything can happen
    2) you are given a choice to play HC, so be a man , and take it into consideration when your going HC that you might/will die at some point
    3) if you die.. get over it, stop blaming it on others, slap urself and restart or just play SC

    I've never had ANY game issues since i started playing HC since it came out. I didnt play HC in dII, but HC in dIII is hella fun.
    Good luck in your next journey whatever class/character/mode it is
    Happy new year!
    Happy hunting in-game!
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    posted a message on You Decide PoE or D3?
    i dont get it. You like airplanes? or you like legos? which one? decide and play with it.
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    posted a message on Demon Hunter Budget Guide, Quadboxing Diablo 3, Diablo 3 Nominated for Best PC Game and Best RPG on Spike 2012 Awards
    prolly out of all the shitty games that have been nominated, d3 is the best pick for me for both categories
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    posted a message on Monster Power Level Charts, Monster Power Level Videos, Poll - Was the Nerf to the Hellfire Ring Justified?
    wow the info video was so good. No annoying music, good quality thorough explaination.
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