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    I'm sure everyone remembers this?

    Char LIst
    Chronomancer-Chrono meaning "time". Soruce didn't have time to try out.
    Monster Tamer-skills for taming demons and others.
    Templar-More atuned to melee combat. combat masteries like barbarian.
    Warlock-Male sorcerer. earth/wind/psyonic
    Fighter-Hand to hand combat. Recieves bonuses without any weapons or shields. Skills much like assassin but no charge up.
    Also the source said that u could still use all existing d2 and d2 lod chars in d3 and that u could switch d2 chars over into diablo 3
    (SOmehwhat sounds like and expansion to d2 lod to me)

    The source also said that the game was a bit glitchy but this could possibly be from the new havok 4 system that was intrigrated

    The game starts were you are left off in Horagath. Rejoice for prime evils banished, however, other evils walk the earth.

    also the source said that d3 would include alot more char detail as in char movement for certain actions

    exp u drink a potion ur char actually grabs potion from belt and drinks it on screen
    Ryan also said he would be Visiting his source again and would be relaying more evidence (possible screenies) to myself as/if he recieves them
    He stated that the programming in the game wouldnt allow screenies to be taken(as i have heard of this in most beta/demo games)
    but i told him digital camera or screen shot program ect would work fine

    Like i said I blieve it to be true but must put a warning saying it might not be because of the lack of hard evidence and to cover everyones ass's

    Well before u go off flaming me. read everything i have to say. first of all. ryan i do apologize for my rude behavior. and here is y. my sourc told me 2 chars. and 3 of them r currently being held secret by the ceo the manager and 2 unnamed people. altho as u can all see it was leaked. how u say? the last manager was fired for leaking info. not this stuff. but serious stuff that somehow hasnt reached these pages yet. and wana know how long ago he was fired? close to 2weeks ago. intresting yes?

    And to soothe some of u. the potion animation has been takin out. the d2 players on the team made sure of that. the havok is just a rumor however is not on d3. and sadly at the moment u CAN convert chars from d2 into d3. altho there is a current vote going on whether to change it or not. the kids they do have testing it dont agree with converting. and yes they do have kids testing it. but not ur lil 10 yr old kids. 15-18 or so im sure. and they get paid to do this testing which means they have a legal contract means they need to shut the fuck up or blizzard sues them. so i think about covered it all? i for one can second most of wut ryan has said is true.

    oh one last thing. the people they did happen to send the beta's to. they made sure they buffed the security on the game. and they also removed all camera's, webcam's and anything else might take a picture of their precious game.

    one last thing. i got a time frame on when the game might be release. granted its not definate. they cud run into more bugs (they r fixing bugs right now btw) or they cud get lucky. but anywhere from 2-4 years. so u guys can sit on this for a minute. grab ur toilet paper some of u may need to wipe urself.
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