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    posted a message on Does diablo 3 really needs skill?
    Even comparing SC2 to chess is an insult to the dedication and skill that chess requires. When push comes to shove the strategy in D3, or even SC2, is minimal. It really boils down to APM. If you can't push the APM, then you aren't going to get anywhere. It doesn't matter how well you understand the game.

    You can set any hardcore world class gamer in front of a new video game, and within a few no time at all he could be one of the best in the world. The skill level is quite low. Playing a game is not hard...its sort of like nascar or poker.

    On a side note, I did read a study awhile back that stated that kids who watch spongebob actually do become dumber. The shows random course of events and overall stupidity could be detrimental.
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    Inferno is all hype....TOO EASY!
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    posted a message on WD class mandatory skills for inferno - unlike the rest?
    Quote from d3maniac2012

    you do realize were talking WIDTH and not LENGTH right? two VERY different things. the WIDTH makes sense for its if able to be walked through, LENGTH would make me believe the opposite is true.
    Of course, even if this was the case, they could EASILY change this one rune and zombie wall mechanics to ensure better survivability for the WD.

    And even IF they can walk through it, its still a great slowing ability, aka Defensive ability without a CD.

    Quote from venom1stas

    OP has a good point. Now imagine Hardcore Inferno WD. Pets will be 100% necesery. Infact every class will be based on a safe build. And WD has an obvious safe playstyle which is to hide behind the summoned meatshields. Im pretty positive that very few players will dare to test out unconventional safe builds in harcore.

    That is the whole point of Survival Mode, to survive.

    Every class will likely take its BEST defensive abilities for survival mode.
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    Quote from Ockain

    Check out this logic guys:
    Nov 8 is blizz quarterly conference call. My money is on them giving a release date for the investors. And like SC2 & Cata were both released 10 weeks after their announcements that puts D3 release Exactly on Jan 17!!!

    Odd, I know I have seen that date before.

    Ahh I found it,


    Quote from "34305057375" »

    I just stumbled across this blog. Whoever is behind it has both done their homework and has insider connections. He accurately called Pandaria as the setting of the World of Warcraft expansion as early as March, and everything else he's predicted has been dead-on down to specific details (such as the real money D3 auction house, or the Pandaren racial traits).

    So basically, the original release date for Diablo III was going to be November 24, 2011, and the backup Q1 2012 date is January 17, 2012. Given that it seems they had already planned for a possible delay, it's likely that they will stick with this release date.
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    Warriors are OP, they walk up Mortal Strike + Hamstring, you cant heal, you cant get away, you cant do shit....just OP.
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    Quote from Karzul

    Quote from ssdarknight

    Why not Baal again in Act 1? Or maybe Gheed (?).

    Btw, the Siegebreaker is not something that could be considered as a final boss from any act. It is similar to one of the big beasts that Azmodan summon on the Black Soulstone cinematic.

    What Gheed? is there some lore i've missed???
    Yah, I gave that bastard a fortune worth of gold, and I didnt get shit. So, I killed his ass, and now he is back as a demon.
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    Quote from Kickin_It

    Well Indigo AO doesn't miss. It hits everything in 16 yards of your character (no aiming). Plus, taking into account the AP difference, you'd be able to cast 12 AOs for every 7 meteors (or 1.7 AO per Meteor). Obviously Meteor is still more powerful, but you'll be casting AOs much more frequently than Meteor. I guess I personally just prefer the mechanic of Indigo AO to Meteor, but to each his own. ;)

    Crimson meteor does 3x the DPS, and its %wpn dmg per AP is 1.5x better. The fact that it is more expensive is a good thing, because it allows you to use your signatures more.

    It would take 28 seconds of regen to acquire enough AP to cast 12 AOs or 7 Meteors.

    12 AOs + 16 Spectral Baldes = 5728% Wpn Dmg
    7 Meteors + 21 Spectral Blades = 8729% Wpn dmg

    Thus Any meteor, except alabaster, is a substantial increase in dmg output.
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    Makes sense if you ask me, what is the point in having multiple ranks of runes in 1 difficulty?
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    posted a message on Beta Key? No thanks
    Quote from Jamoose

    I kinda agree with the OP.

    After the sc2 beta i felt that it ruined the game for me when it was released... I dont want to feel the same with D3. However, its hard to resist the urge to participate in competitions and draws but hell, i dont want the D3 beta. I decided.

    If i get chosen by an opt in, ill be glad to test it out. Other than that, Peace YAW
    100% agree
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    posted a message on Collectors Edition Ideas

    • Wizard CE which could come with a Harry Potter Novel.
    • Demon Hunter CE with a mini off-brand nerf gun.
    • Witch Doctor CE could come with a dead frog, also good for biology class.
    • Monk CE could come with some holy water, straight out of the tap.
    • Barb CE could come with a DvD Directors cut of Conan the Barbarian.
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