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    Look guys, there are some pretty big things that most of you aren't considering when you bash these changes...

    1. Capping MF at 300% is still extremely high.
    2. Paragon is a REWARD for something you are going to do ANYWAY. -_-
    3. The changes to PVE Content, class abilities, and the introduction of Paragon is going to makefarming much easier. So you are essentially trading a MF/GF cap for the ability to kill MORE mobs FASTER. Six of one, half a dozen of the other...

    I love these changes BUT MF/GF should affect chests. Chests just don't seem anymore important to me than a damn barrel unless they are bloody or resplendant. Also, I understand why Paragon is character specific (because hitting 99 on a character in D2 was obviously character specific) BUT it whole heartedly discourages creating new characters and trying other classes. Why Would I take time min maxing my stats including mf/gf along with survivability for inferno when I know I could just farm with a different character that already has innate mf/gf?
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    Quote from mbease

    Who knew there would be such a greater evil than Diablo, Azmodon, or Belial themselves: Malnutrition.
    Way to play into the stupid, malnourished stereotype of gamers.

    I'm actually really surprised to see others that object to this kind of pathetic lifestyle. There may be hope for mankind after all.
    Belial hasn't tricked us all into killing ourselves yet!

    Edit: By the way, it's slightly ironic that players will be slaying monsters in the game... while chugging Monsters.

    For the love of god (or perhaps the Five Archangels) get off your damn high horse..........

    This is a light hearted discussion, not a debate over the health of the average gamer....

    And calling those of us stupid for liking pizza rolls is just absurd. On behalf of the rational thinking members involved in this thread, I invite you to pick up your over inflated ego and exit to the right. -_-
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