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    I suspect that the outline of these tidbits already announced is not set in stone and as the game is progressing some ideals won't work and other ideas might be added so its not possible to look at these numbers and guess much of anything.

    It seems to me that the timeline looks like early 2011 Beta and probably 4th quarter release for our xmas present next year.

    Could be wrong but don't want to be as my hair is turning white waiting........
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    Yes I've played games since Pong was a new game and started with Amiga games for computers. Some good some bad I remember
    when Doom was the big new thing and then they started releasing 17" monitors and Space Quest introduced "Shadows on charactors" now that was amazing.

    But nothing is as good as Diablo series especially D2/LOD played this 8 years everyday maybe up to 10 hours and still suk at it.....but just waiting for D3 so I can continue on my quests.

    In the mean time I'm stuck with all these other so-so games and clones

    I might be the Grandfathergamer of Diablo or GOD for short
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    Quote from "deto" »
    didn't, whoever does the Deckard Cain voicacting, say that he was done with his performance?
    Wouldn't that state that the storyline is pretty much done from start to end? Now what could be left is the creation of the world and chars but is it realistic to assume that it is 2 years? I doubt that, since Blizzard wanted to announce games closer to their release unlike they did before.

    So in this case it should hit the shelfs sometime around 1-2 Q in 2009 to keep the hype up. If the release is really 2010 then they shouldn't have announced it already, cuz that would just piss alot of people off on the information politic side. A release that far away would result in having 1 major news post each month - that would be more than sad.

    I suspect that the game will be released around xmas of 2014 cause Starcraft 2 was supposed to be out the middle of last year and its still not here and its coming in 3 parts.

    It is along way off but D2/LOD was and is the best game ever so expect this to be even better and since all other games take a back seat to these we have no choice.

    Just hope no more new Witch Doctors show up I like to think that a Ranger is next.....

    Just waiting for the next charactor is bad enough:O
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    I like the idea of the 3 set item option. Maybe the way you would turn it into a set item is by using some type of recipe like a "crafting thing" where you have to have certain items to crunch with it to make it a set item. Also that once you created the set that anyone that could normally wear the items in the set could use this set. This would make it possible for you to trade or sell your own set.

    These type of sets would be very rare as they would be one of a kind. Or maybe you could use a recipe to rename the set if you acquired it from someone else. Plus the recipes for these types of sets would take rare ingredients in the "crafting phase". If people liked these I see no reason you couldn't have a 4 or 5 piece set.

    Maybe it would be runes you put in the "crafting crunch" that would add features you needed to make your unique set. Of course all of the added skills and things would have to be capped so you couldn't unbalance play. So for example you couldn't have like plus 4 to skills and things like this.

    Maybe you build a set and then later can upgrade it like in D2 when you could increase a unique to a better item but it also had made level and strength requirement increase too.

    Anyway just a thought and you have come up with a great idea

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    Quote from name="Murderface Cody" »
    these 2 topics go together, so just read the text.

    personally, i loved and hated the loot system in d2. on the good side, when you were playing alone it was easy to grab your loot and move to the next pack of monsters. on the bad side, when you were with 5 other people, they would steal stuff that you obviously needed.

    now thats not to say i want a WoW system of looting. it took way too long to loot and the pace was slow. d3 should be sorta a mix of the 2.

    SO HERE IT IS - on frequent loots, (like gold, waste armor, potions, etc) it should be like group loot in WoW. thats where everyone takes turn looting(but the loot still drops on the ground) so every other monster that is killed, only YOU can see the armor that flies out of the monsters belly, so only YOU could take those loots. same goes the other way with you party. but on rare, unique, and rune drops, it would be like a need before greed style of looting like in WoW. thats where the item pops up on your screen and you "roll" for the item.

    however, in WoW, if you obviously stole an item you didn't need, or ninja-ing, word would spread and people would shun you. the problem with d2 was that there was so many different characters and games, you sometimes never saw the person again. but in WoW, what with major cities and shared towns, you would eventually see that damn ninja again.

    so how about towns like in Hellgate? they were crappy and really claustrophobic, but it would be like WoW cities - huge and open. the town would be where you would spawn when you logged in, and then you would open a window and create a game, like battle net. that way you could mingle and interact with people easily.

    so in summary, LOOTING SYSTEM - shared with need before greed style.
    TOWNS - large cities that everyone spawned in and where you would mingle, interact, and where you would created seperate, private games

    Having any type of town that is like WOW would not be a good idea. You can party with 4 its seems in their early build and less is more. Having a town with lots of charactors all decked out in hero costumes takes away from the story and feel of Diablo. Sorry but the child game WOW can have those types of towns. If Diablo 3 has towns maybe you could have a room to store your stuff in and a couple stores with npc's but not a lot of people.

    I like the idea that you get your own drops without having someone with a hack pick it or something stealing all the stuff.

    Lets face it .....D2 worked pretty good so why change a lot of it. More content and more quests and changing area's so its not boring will help.:O
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    Quote from "Diabloownage" »

    Heres a little taste of your great rebutals. Thanks for "informing" me mario!!

    Its a little late to act civilised you immature ponce. Great conversation skills, lets hope this is not how you speak to people in the real world.

    Hey bedwetter you should not have any type of name that has Diablo in it when your really a WoW baby. Go back to that Mario World MMO that is like the Sims on steriods and forget you ever were in the hallowed halls of where the real gamers are here in Diablofans.com We know that you use the bathroom to relieve yourself not your pants...:rolleyes:
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    Quote from "nomaddjs" »
    Mage or Sorcerer will be in there for sure...

    I always thought it would be cool if there were Water Earth & Fire golems instead of crappy Mud-shit Iron-crap Blood & Fire :)

    Druid - who will replace him? Some dude who controls forces of nature? Or possibly a werewolf character?

    A Vampire character?

    We can only guess but looks like "remastered" necromancer aka witch doctor looks awesome...

    Admittedly graphics look shit - I like how the environment looks and how monsters fall off the edges but the characters and monsters looks shabby - also this little health line is rubbish I liked how you pointed a monster and had his name and highlighted in red (which represented his life)

    But hey they've introduced adventures - looks like - there will be more interesting quests other than just killing mobs upon mobs...

    First impression 9/10 :thumbsup: and that's just early development and knowing fuck all about the game!

    Anyone who didn't watch the panel - really shouldn't bother to comment - because you've seen fuck all in the trailers...

    as to people saying some stuff is ripped off from WOW

    FUCKERS!!! - wow ripped off the whole Diablo concept and made it 3d and first person :necro:

    WoW tried to rip off Diablo but they couldn't do it cause



    1 11 or 111 makes no difference they pwn everything else

    Except Diablo series wants no credit for WoW a game for children who wet their pants alot:D
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    posted a message on Diablo III Announced !!!!!
    Quote from "Diabloownage" »
    Sigh. Ok. Its completly new art style. It doesn't look anything like WoW. Happy now Hitler? Now my opinion is the same!
    Enjoy your fantasy world. I guess I shouldnt have expected intelligent conversation from "Diablo Fans", this site should be renamed "Diablo Fanatics" because it fits the user base a hellve a lot better.

    People like you bring shame to this forum, and i wouldn't be suprised if the link to this forum is removed from the diablo homepage.

    Enjoy living in your dream world.
    :P Your remarks are like rat droppings in a catacomb and you should quit standing in that corner with urine dribbling down your leg and find your way back to WOW where the little ones belong.......:D
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    Quote from "Gin" »
    Even the armor has similarities to some of the Orc's armors in....WoW.

    Wow is a childs game and your a child if you even look at it and this is the Diablo 3 forum for heroes and men

    Please go back to your playpen:D
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    posted a message on MMO (Diablo III?)
    Diablo 3 is coming out and the announcement will be coming at CES 08.

    How anyone can compare these other lowly games like Starcraft and Warcraft with the bomb is beyond me...

    Nothing is as good as Diablo games and I know cause I have played Diablo 2/LOD since the beginning and still play after 6 years. All other games are good for about a week or a month and then they sit on the shelf.

    This forum is for Diablo 3 so keep the chatter about these secondary games to a minimum.:D
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