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    Quote from Daylesan

    Nice post, thank you.

    With some more measurements we could try to reverse engineer the formulas behind armor, precision and defense. If anyone feels like doing this I have some ideas on how to proceed.

    I would like to start digging into the numbers and looking for people to do the same. I think playing around with Excel would be the best way to go about it. I have a Vent server (15 max, mainly for a few friends, BUT others can join if you want to discusse out loud and reporting the final thoughts here). PM me I also have a few thoughts on how to measure base stats and percent changes.
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    Quote from ElKapitan

    I'm sure when the game gets up and running there will more than likely be a 'Who's playing?' thread where people looking for players can advertise their game and/or look for one with likeminded people.
    'Looking for 3 more for a casual Nightmare run through, on Act 3. Friendly chilled out ppl only :)'
    'Looking for 1 more for FAST Inferno run through, starting Act 2. MUST be geared and skilled.'

    etc etc

    Just had a funny thought of making a "Craig's List" for group findings, where the listing would go away after a week just incase the group fell apart or people stopped playing.
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    Quote from Procylon

    I am wondering if there are skill groupings of the + damage modifiers. Obviously attack doesn't multiply itself, same for crit damage. So perhaps +all % damage also just adds to itself as well. And then weapon damage.

    So: [{(Weapon*Skill Weapon %) * Attack} * % Skill Damage] * Crit Damage % = obliteration

    Thus, Frenzy(120), Battle Rage(100), Bash(80), etc would all simply add together and not continually multiple off each other.

    Throw Weapon with Red rune = 462% weapon damage.
    Battle Rage with Red rune = 100% more damage.
    Max Bash with Blue rune = 80% more damage.
    Wrath of the Berzerker with Red run = 75% more damage.
    Brawler passive = 30% more damage when around 8 dudes.
    No Escape passive = 100% more damage with Throw Weapon.

    +120% from Frenzy. Should be 462% weapon damage and 505% + all damage.

    Thus with 500 attack and 500% crit damage:

    [{(250*462%) * 500} * 505] * 500 = 145818

    That is pretty serious on a crit. Or maybe not. Maybe Inferno Diablo has 5 million health.

    I was beginning to wonder this myself. It's done in WOW. I think the best way to start out though is to get a tester to level a Barb from 1-13, taking note of:

    -Base stat increases
    -Base modifier changes (from those stat changes)

    A note to keep in mind is to take these changes based on a "naked" Barb, with no gear on (at recording time of course) and no self / group / item buffs.

    -We could then plot on a graph each critical piece of information (and potential find how stats influence +%DMG, +%Crit, etc.) taking each one's change at levels 1-13 and see if there's a trend.
    -Take those rough levels changes, project it to a level 60, "naked" Barb and work off that instead of guessing.

    I got time and Vent server to donate to any you who wants to do this. Having a skill calculator is nice, but a dmg, crit, etc. calculator be soooo much more informative at endgame.
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    Quote from Procylon

    Quote from DiabloSin

    Quote from Procylon

    DiabloSin, if every class gets +100% damage mechanics it might be because the game is that hard. You can't really say those things are overpowered by themselves, it is when those skills are practically required because there is no other way to double your damage for instance.

    And Mienta, Crimson Overpower and Alabaster Revenge, +47% crit chance. Revenge won't be up all that often, but probably often enough if you keep pressing the attack and let ranged mobs peck at you.

    The crit damage has been overstated though. You are going to want a balance to get the highest possible dps.

    I'm not saying it's overpowered, or wrong, i'm saying that calling for it to be changed or nerfed on the barb, when other classes get similar such skills, that is wrong. It's ridiculous that people are even calling for changes or saying something is overpowered based on speculation, we only see a small part of the game. So what if it's a good skill that most barbs will want to take? I can think of skills that are literally "must haves" for every class. At least it appears that they are must haves from what is revealed so far.

    I agree with you in general, but in comparison the other classes that get similar abilities are on Cooldowns, targeted area effects(still on CD), etc.

    And I don't believe anyone has called for a nerf exactly... just pointing out what appears to be what amounts to a near required skill for dps barbs. Albeit, point out a little too emphatically and with hyped up numbers...

    Just got done reading this whole thing and still not sure about a few things. I'd be willing to work out a worksheet (Excel sheet) with you guys to try and figure this out. It almost seems that there was, all be it moving, tipping point between the builds in one of the posts. I'd like to try a Barb out, in Beta hopefully, but if not, at launch. So I would like to have a good idea of skill/formulas at that point.

    If any of you interested hit me up via forum PM, maybe do the other classes too.

    P.S. These posts reminded me a little of EJ forums, with out the snootty rules lol
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    Quote from Ardikus

    One possible advantage I can see for Force and Sixen is to take a look at the quality of video, playthrough, and commentary of these other so-called "press media", take a few minutes to ROFL, and then step it up a notch and do some real professional work.

    Here, here!

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    Quote from Str8Aim

    Making a YouTube channel just for Diablo 3?

    With the beta getting closer and closer I am imagining all the footage that you will be pumping out for us and I get giddy everytime I get an email from YouTube and your channel only to be saddened by another SC2 vid. :(

    Whatcha think? Yes? No? Maybe?

    Let the man do what he does simply. Not making another name (needed?), another channel, have two different accounts video lists to handle. At most, to make it easy, maybe make good playlist, but that withstanding...not needed like thread.
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    Quote from Thander

    Quote from Venator Noctis

    What the heck is new with that??? Wtf!
    F&F Beta had been streamed on-line a more than a week back.

    It's just that over the weekend a new set of invites went out in what appears to be a second wave of F&F. People are just impatient that it's still F&F only, especially after a lot of people believed Force that public invites would start last week. Everyone expected F&F to be a one shot thing and then public invites would go out soon after. A second wave of F&F means longer waiting for everyone else.

    Sarcasm lost on you?
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    Quote from MonkManD3

    Hey guys

    Searched through the forums for a similar topic, but couldn't find one. Also don't have a bnet-account, so posting there isn't possible./rant off.

    First off. The F&F- and Closed Beta is about a 1/3 of the first act and is mainly focussing (+/- 85% ?) on whether blizz's servers can withstand the strain of 1000's of people playing D3 online at the same time, and not with the testing of the game mechanics (except AH) and bugs (+/- 15% ?).

    Blizz also stated that a big part of the game's mechanics & bugs were thoroughly tested via internal testing a month or so before F&F testing started. Even though the beta is just 1/3 of act 1, and the whole game has been through internal testing before, there were still a good number of bugs reported.

    My question is: How will blizz handle the bugs in the rest of the game? Through internal testing at the same time as the closed beta or are they just gonna release a patch (when full game is released) when necessary?

    Sorry again if this subject has been addressed.

    I think the best advice, not so much on how they deal with bugs (hope they kill as many as possible) BUT...

    Always be prepared for random server restarts, issues, bugs in the first month, more so first week, no game is perfect...even if made by Blizz.

    More on Topic: I do feel a little more skeptical about the issues at launch though; here's wishing for the best.
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    Could it be he just was "Late" to the F&F Alpha...?
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    Yes, some did shrink a little (i mean a little) out of the original size. I did it because, not all forums allow decent size avatars and kept square for some forums that would only allow a 150 x 150 or lower, but in a 1:1 ratio. Made decision based on use here and all forums really.
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    no problem guys. took about 2 hours, but I want to help the community out. A frame around the pics is a good idea and simple since all the pics are same size, give me an idea and I may be able to get it done.

    Thank's for praise : )

    *oh if the wiki guys or site guys want to download and use for either one, go ahead.
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    First off, thanks to Astion for posting the images. A great find. (original post: http://www.diablofan...game-portraits/ )

    Here is all the avatars in those images that are:

    -Cropped best they could be
    -All sized at 200px x 200px
    -A bonus avatar of the hourglass, because I knew someone would want it.

    PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD 501 COPIES PLEASE! this is of my hosting sever. it's a compressed file, but please, if one download is all you need, leave it at that...

    Download Rar: ~4MB
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    Give me about 1-2 hours, I'll have a nice surprise for everyone : D

    HINT: "I in the fields CROPPING AWAY, just CROPPING AWAY, just CROPPING AWAY..."

    EDIT: Made new post to let all know of fully cropped and sized avatars: http://www.diablofans.com/topic/28999-cropped-avatars-from-astions-post/
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    Quote from Spl4sh3r

    Quote from Illythia

    I feel having a loot display (outside voluntarily linking the item) sort of defeats the purpose of having personalized loot, let alone the RMAH. You know people are just going to whine about how you're being selfish because you want to sell it, rather than give it to them because "it's an upgrade for my alt". This can also lead to people blacklisting you, because you upset them.

    If I get an item, I shouldn't be berated or influenced into making a choice whether to keep it or trade it. Personally, I think not showing the loot prevents a lot of unneeded drama and whining.

    I don't see why this would happen. I would never give up something that is an upgrade for someone's alt since that doesn't even make sense to do. Plus they can't know its an upgrade to their alt to begin with, since the legendary won't be identified so you can't even see the stats on it when it drops.

    IMO, what Illythia said would happen inevitability:

    Option A (no notification): Party of three goes through a a few quests, a few places, along the way one person gets a Legendary. No one knows the wiser. Only way if they got to sell it and at that point, it's a 50/50 chance the other two people will see it in the AH or RMAH or not because it's already bought out.

    Option B (notification): Same party goes in, Legendary drops. At this point since they ARE VERY LOW drop rates and INTENDED to be badass; you'll whined up being asked to link for all to see. From this point I see several things happeneing:

    -"Give me it, it's a upgrade for me, it'd not even of your class!" All be it noobish in saying, there will be noobs. I doudt you'll see many of these people though.
    - "Hmmm, that's really cool" Every Legendary Should be cool and have a sense of awe to it, I think everyone will do this.
    - "Hmmm, that's really cool"...How much you want for it?!" Like this never happened in WOW, I believe you'll see a fair amount of this.

    -"Your a jerk for not giving it to me, because I can use it! *Blacklist*" I saved this one for last because, it WILL happen, but I feel it's not something to base the decision of Pop-up or no pop up, character's profile lighting up, or a rainbow to pop out the receiving character's ass.

    The bigger point is not "It's not a decent idea" but having people ask you about it, slows down the game. The loot is per PLAYER, NOT GROUP. In a way, while not being a dick and saying, "It was meant for me/it's MY drop". Your character just got lucky...period and remeber, you OR the other's may not be able to even use it!

    So to some up, it not a bad idea, but with the way the loot works, with the points from Illythia; I don't see a functional positive for this, other then adding a cool factor, which the Legendary dropping should be in the first place.
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