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    Quote from Archie

    @Zimeroski - Average Joe's can't play yet, its only friends and family of Blizzard in the Beta right now. Your specs are currently above the min specs and below the recommended specs for the Beta. You should be fine as long as Blizz supports the drivers you are using.

    Neat! I don't expect to turn many graphic settings on but if I can get it so I can play a little on-the-go or from the couch that would awesome. I have a rather nice desktop that I know will have no problems playing the game. It's just finding the time to hide away in the office away from the wife long enough to play. ><

    I'm just hoping I get selected for a beta when the time comes. I've had bad luck with Blizzard beta invites. The last one I was in on was the original WoW beta that was open to everyone. It's just really exciting to see this game almost finished.
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    I'm curious if anyone that has a beta invite has tried running the game on a lower end computer or a laptop, and what kind of performance they have been seeing.

    I ask because I'm curious if my work laptop will be able to run the game. Below are my system specs.

    Dell Latitude E6510

    OS: Windows 7 (64 Bit) - Service Pack 1
    CPU: 1.73Ghz Intel Core i7 Q740
    RAM: 4 GB
    Video: NVIDIA NVS 3100M

    I have a desktop that I know will be more than capable of handling the game, it would just be nice to kill demons on a lunch break. :)

    Any help would be appreciated.
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