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    Wish I could play that version.
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    I've posted this in many threads on several different websites that has been met with general agreement. I'd love to hear some thoughts against this if anyone can bring up some valid points. Anyways, here we go!

    That aside....my theory on why is there so much hate? It's because diablo 3 has gone the madden approach. What's the madden approach you ask? It's the removal of systems from previous years in order to use them as a selling point later on.

    Here's some examples:
    Mystic = Cut
    Socketing = Cut
    Death animations = Cut
    Imbue = Cut
    Quest rewards = only gold/exp...really? after all this time, that's all they could think of?
    Item affixes(cant be frozen? cast on hit etc = Cut
    Legendary Items = mostly terrible (yes I know patch is coming for buff but I don't see how they could have missed that in testing)
    Skulls/diamonds/saphires = Cut
    Charms/Jewels/Runes = Cut
    Monster variation in areas, similar to patch 1.10 and on = Cut
    Many skills seem untested (my opinion)
    Dueling = Cut (yes I know arena, possibly team only...is a few months away)
    Only 10 character slots, you can't even have more than 1 of each class if you want to play all of them on HC/SC
    Not enough stash space to fit sets/uniques/leveling gear etc...
    Blizz talks about how tons of builds would be viable and then if you play hardcore or don't want to die 1000x times on SC, you get pigeon holed
    Terrible mfing/crafting

    The sad part is that there is many more items that could be added to that list which is where alot of the hate/disappointment comes from. D3 did improve on some areas and by itself, is still entertaining for a while. The fact still remains that it's a stepback in many ways from D2 and it's frustrating to hear the, "wait till they add expansions/patches, it took d2 10 years to get where it is!". Long story short, I feel that with the years of experience they had, D3 should have been an immediate improvement in all of those areas and sadly, it is not.
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    What changes to make our characters meaningful and special?

    I was being sarcastic.

    That aside, I'll cover this:

    With limitless and costless respecs you will never need to have more than 1 character of each class.
    You could argue that you might want to try out 1 softcore and 1 hardcore of each class, which means a max of 10 characters: so there you go.

    The point is you make the character to see how they do from start to finish, not just to see the "high end capability" and I certainly don't want to change my skills/gear 30x or more a level just to get a feel for each type of build. Respecs only go so far in experimentation when you want to experience how a from scratch lvl 10 melee sorc will do.

    The other issue I have with that logic is, I don't want my character to feel like I'm changing into a dress. Hmmm.. what build do I want to play? Should I wear my fire dress, my frost dress, or my arcane dress...what do you think looks better today? Jokes aside, I want to have seperate characters that I can play freely and at a whim. Somedays I want to blow shit up and other days I want to use some melee and I'd rather not be restricted or have to delete a character to make room or be forced to finish a build to make room for something else.
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    Well being that the changes they made to our characters to make them so much more meaningful and special, we apparently are willing to delete them when we want to try something new from scratch.

    Sarcasm aside, it doesn't make sense to limit to 10 characters. I'd have probably at the least 3 of each character not even counting PvP.
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