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    Quote from Doez

    Quote from mindstain

    wow.... just wow..... I'm being criticized for criticizing someone who is criticizing people for criticizing a game, and his final point is that cuss words make his "mature" mind shut down apparently. Too bad hypocrisy doesn't have the same effect. If I'm having a "tantrum" then are you going senile and about to ask me to reach into the hole in your pocket?

    Swearing and misinformation won't work to your favor. There's better ways to get your point across, regardless if it's correct or incorrect. I got my first infraction last night losing my temper with stupid people. This game hasn't been in development for 12 years, so the argument does lose validity.

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    I would be happy to invest in your idea.

    grats on post 666........lol

    +1 for evil

    Thanks! Sharing the +1 love~!

    Well you got me there. It hasn't been in development for 12 years, but people such as myself (who remember playing Double Dragon) have been waiting on it for about that long.

    As to the swearing I am a little immature about it.... I'll admit. I like to swear and I don't care if people don't like it. I also don't care if that seems immature. It may not be the most effective method of getting my point across, but that dude is such a condescending prick in all of his posts. He just comes into a conversation and bestowes these simplistic and obviously idiotic little pearls before us swine. Here's an awesome thing that happens on the internets (and real life sometimes too)

    person 1: I think XXXXX game is shitty
    person 2: I don't think so
    person 1: I think XXXXX game is shitty because I had a problem with it
    person 2: I didn't have a problem it, it worked nicely for me

    that conversation conveyed information and didn't involve either one of the person's acting superior to the other at all. Granted neither began cussing the other out but if person 2 had followed up with something like

    person 2: I'm old and I think anyone with an opinion different from mine is a little child that I despise and I'm going to criticize multiple generations based on an opinion they have formed over the launch of the video game.

    I would venture to say that that is not the most effective way for him to get his rather moot point across also. In the end, an opinion about a game is an opinion about a game. Everyone is entitled to one. Pretending that you have the end-all logic of elderness that makes your opinion superior to anyone elses is sheer elitism, and I don't like it and it makes me wanna cuss people. So I do.
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    I seem to recall straddling the fence on the RMAH issue long before launch, not sure whether I thought it would be a beneficial and enjoyable addition to the game or a deplorable debauchery that would corrupt the continuation of a legacy already marked with more corruption than any game I have ever known. However, during those discussions the one major downside I completely supported in opposition of the implementation of a RMAH was the insecurity of an online game hosted by Blizzard.

    I was forced to weather the storm of so many Blizzard fanboys with such stale arguements as "I run an anti-virus and don't go to porn sites and I've never been hacked" or "an authenticator makes it virtually impossible to get hacked", but the worst and most obviously erroneous of these arguments would have to be "the new Battle.net is gonna be so secure that the only people who get hacked don't have authenticators and are stupid."

    If you go to the Diablo III forums right now you can read the ranting of numerous Diablo III players (many of whom own authenticators) that have had their accounts hacked/stolen and their items stripped from them. Blizzard has responded with a generic "buy our authenticators response" TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT THEIR AUTHENTICATORS.

    I swear if I had the time and the energy I would try to track all of you fanboys down now for you "I told you so" come-up-ins. Alas, I'm a lazy old bastard trolling during Diablo maintenance who hopes as soon as it's over he can log in and find that he is lucky enough not to have had all of his gear removed by a scoundrel so devious and so ingenius to have wasted his time robbing me of the pixels on a video game for a mere pittance of what he/she could have actually made working a job.

    P.S. how many of you think this occurence will make you hesitant to participate in using the RMAH? (not that your credit card info isn't already tied to your battle.net account from any previous online purchases such as Diablo III download or WoW game time.)
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    This thread is incredibly stupid. There are like 3 people in here who aren't immature little shits that came by just to say "I don't do it, so fuck anyone out there who does." You don't have to use a mod. I can understand Blizzard cracking down on modding due to not wanting to open any potential doors to duping/hacking. However, there is something to be said for the mounds of content that modders have freely provided people who play many Blizzard games. To adopt a "there can be no mods" policy now after benefiting from modders in the past doesn't make sense from any other viewpoint than to ensure the security of the game.

    "diablo has never been about modding"
    "The community doesn't always make a game better"
    "UI modification is almost pointless"

    Statements like these are simply stupid. It's just stupid people condemning what they do not understand. If you don't like mods, don't use them. You can't call them pointless or detrimental as if it's not just your own twisted little opinion, but some universally known fact. Fact is, some people like mods.
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    Quote from viyro


    I don't post on these forums much though I've been a Diablo 2 player off and on over the corse of 6-7 years roughly. Going from the bottom of the economy through the top(minority). All I've seen is post after post as I've read through blue posts etc of people bashing the RMAH. The top end of the economy was not done in game for Diablo 2. Rather on a website called d2jsp. This website promoted buying "forum gold" with RL money then trading that FG for items to other players. Is this not the same thing? How many people boycotted D2jsp when they actually learned the system set in place and had all of that at their disposal? Reguardless, it was still a minority of the game. 95% of public characters had no idea was d2jsp was. I'm assuming now that the game is at a specific poin almost everyone would know about it and use it. I haven't played in quite some time. In 1.08/1.09 duped items ran rampant. Most people traded for these items in game (not buying them) with their own items. Most not knowing that they'd disapear. These items ran the economy of Diablo 2.

    My point in this post is that the RMAH is just giving a legit way of what is already happening. People complaining about this are ignorant. Why would blizzard (being a good gaming company) allow ways for you to be scammed? They're giving players what they're already doing wether admiting to or not players "ebay" their items. This simply takes away scaming because Blizzard is giving you a secure way of doing this. Who are you going to trust with your money more? Blizzard who made the game or joe shmoe down the road who runs a website? I'm not saying I'll use the RMAH whihc I may use it once in a blue moon to sell / buy. I'll more then likely never put more then an initial 10$ into my account and plan on making money before spending money (E-Balance). People did similar things with d2jsp. They'd start and buy 100fg or w/e to get them going then they'd trade their items for FG.

    How many people on d2jsp cried that they were scamed? You'd have to spend time finding a moderator for any bigger trade and even then you'd have to trust that person. IF the trade was big enough I'm sure they'd take the items as well. Njaguar the host of d2jsp would have to promote these "moderators" based on what he's been told from other players etc. I'm sure they've run into multiple instances where moderators kept the items IE: Ending with players out items. With the RMAH this CANT happen.

    Furthermore, Blizzard is a COMPANY. They need to make profit off of a game consistently for them to continue to run that game, pump money back into it. How can you pay employee's to do something when your "losing" money on? Look at the timeline gaps for "content" patches for Diablo 2. Players should welcome the RMAH and use it if its going to push content patches / server matinence etc. The Diablo 2 scene ran rampant etc because why would Blizzard dump money into the game when they aren't making money off of it. Box Sales aren't enough its not a static form of income and can be very sparatic. They didn't do updates frequently to combat hacks / mods etc because there was no point for them to do so. You can't justify paying an employee to do something that costs you money if your not making money.

    Also, love posters like Firce or whatever bashing people with valid opinions. At the end of the day an opinion is a opinion wether wrong or not most of them are still valid and worth conisideration. Simply calling people names because your frustrated because the point your trying to prove isn't getting accross is ignorant. If the game frustrates you that much and the changes they are doing frustrate you that much simply stop posting and don't buy the game. 1 Person's word doesn't matter. Yes there is conflictions to the RMAH etc but until the full game is in your hands and your playing it and its fully operational/being tested you have no idea what your talking about. They can continuously try to tell you in text what your looking at but is endgame even tested yet? Do you kno the drop rates of rares / legendaries / set items / good items from artisans? No you don't. We don't, only they do. The people creating the game having the entire thing infront of them would kno better then any of us to an extent. Everyones view is different.


    Seriously, you are an admitted WoW subscriber OP. Your opinion only inflames the situation. Everyone here is well aware of the level of ignorance in the WoW forums. Personally, I agree with the RMAH. I think it is a positive step, that will understandably run into a degree of resistance from the community due to gamers being hesitant to open the door for even more DLC and financial exploitation of micro-transactions. There are SEVERAL other threads where people explain why the RMAH > DLC + micro-transactions. Your opinions are very annoying though. The only good point in your entire wall of text is that scamming will be less likely in a RMAH than a third party site.

    I am sick of hearing people say "you don't know how many people used d2jsp" and then providing completely made up percentages. I don't really care if your percentages are close, far off, or w/e. The point is your a hypocrite for acting like someone else doesn't know what they are talking about, and then not being able to admit that you don't know what the fuck you are talking about either.

    Staying with the theme of you being a hypocrite. "love posters like Firce or whatever bashing people for having valid opinions." All of the sudden you have become the expert on what a valid opinion is? YOUR WHOLE POST IS YOU BITCHING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE BITCHING! Do you see the irony here? You said that he shouldn't call people names and then you called him ignorant. You complained to someone that if they became upset enough to complain that they should just stop posting or not purchase the game. Well..... are you planning on not posting or not purchasing the game? Obviously, that person is expressing their feelings because they do hope/plan to appreciate the game. Maybe they aren't being constructive with their criticism and there is nothing wrong with pointing that out to them, but you gave a perfect example of why the majority of forum-going Diablo fans hate WoW players and their opinions..... because they are stupid.
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    Quote from professor_zim

    Haven't read the above comments, maybe someone said it already.

    If they introduce ever increasing tax on putting items to auction, that would prevent farming/botting. Say if there are 10 open bids, it would cost 11% of asked price to put 11th item, 12% for 12th etc, up to 100%. Or same, but on the daily basis, that would force acquiring multiple copies of the game, setting up multiple money accounts and would not generate any profit above some small amount. In other words, Blizzard could limit how much money an account could make per day.

    What do you think?

    Sounds like punishing people for even using the system. Even if it only limited on a daily or a weekly basis, I don't think it is a constructive solution to the "farming" issue. Not that I thought a RMAH was the best choice either.
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