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    posted a message on [SC - Normal/Season] The "Help me" aka "Gearcheck" Thread

    Hi NuttZ,

    Thanks, that's not the correct ring I have on there atm (that's from another farm build). I usually have a SoJ with Bane of the trapped. I'd think it will eventually be replaced by a Unity for solo

    I'll look at doing the gloves for CDR

    Had a Sunwuko Ammy drop last night. Pitty it sux and will drop dmg by 12%

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    posted a message on [SC - Normal/Season] The "Help me" aka "Gearcheck" Thread

    Hi guys,

    My monk


    (I swop gems around as I go)

    Done G39 in 13 mins.

    I know I'm looking for the following

    - Sunwuko Ammy (I have Leoric's Crown stashed)

    - Ancient pieces

    - 1 x Unity

    Any tips & suggestions welcome. I'm always open to learning something new. ty

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    posted a message on Torch Drop. Where to go from here...


    Sure for T6 speed runs, not really for GR's is it...

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    posted a message on Torch Drop. Where to go from here...

    Hi guys,

    Thought I'd make a post and ask some assistance from all you good ppl here.

    This is my toon and the gear I've been currently running: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/LimpNoodle-2379/hero/54959448

    (Obviously its down to the drops that I've had)

    Skills I guess is pretty standard? Been using Lashing Tail Kick instead of Pillar because of the weapon. I switch between Exploding Palm - Shocking Grasp & Impending Doom

    Last night before I logged out I had a Torch drop, non Ancient, very similar to this one (Forgot to take a pic / equip it) Except it has area dmg that I need to roll to 10% dmg, but I have it as a socket atm as I need a new Gift. But it will end up like this dmg whise when I do.

    (Ow and it has 50% cost reduction)

    Obviously equiping it drops my sheet dmg by something like 150k+ or so? and weapon dmg itself is also quite a bit lower so Exploding Palm will explode or less and others will do less dmg.

    On the upside I can now drop Lashing Tail Kick for Wave of Light and spam it more, so there is more dmg.

    Regarding Inna's, as I drop the Weapon I now also need to drop String of Ears and replace it with Innas Belt from my stash to keep the set up and that comes with quite a bit of a Toughness drop, well because it is String of Ears.

    Even with all the above said is it still best to go with the normal Torch till I some day get lucky with an Ancient one?

    Looking at the rest of my things where can I improve by (A), just rerolling something or (B) hoping for some new drops.

    Regarding drops I guess I need to hope for Sunwuko Amulet & Leoric's Crown and then just Ancient of everything :)

    Any comments will be appreciated. Thank you.

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    posted a message on Everybody using cookie cutter vyrs/tals and archon now... boring and a problem for diversity...
    Quote from undefined »

    You make me wondering 74% CRD. If you have vyr's and your Archon is at 100secs and 74/75% CRD this mean that you have something like only 5-6 secs out of archon. If this is true I will not care what I should do when I am not in Archon at all and I will choose offhand with TP cooldown reduction with 4 secs cos this will speed me up. Also manage to get something like 70% CDR that make me lost 1/3 of my dmg that too high price.
    Max CDR is 72.15% for a 7.85 downtime on Archon. I have a few wizards and my Archon one is at 66% CDR atm so thats 14 sec that I'm out of Archon. (Still need to get lucky on some drops)
    When I'm in a group I just runFrost Nova - Cold Snap. Perma freeze is not just good for me, but also for the group in a lot of situations.

    Sure you loose a lot of potential dmg going the full CDR way, but its just how the build works and its fun to have all that mobility. I enjoy playing around with different builds.
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    posted a message on T6 Rift's

    I'm with you on T5 being much more efficient.

    I have more than 1 Wizards and have done a few specs likeArcane Torrent build with 2.6 mil Elemental Elite dmg & 22 mil Toughness buffed & Archon build with 10 sec downtime only.
    Still with that I don't think T6 solo is really viable / efficient with where Wizards are atm.

    Remember at the end of the day it has to be measured this way imo: a Diablo 3 ROS HC player with perfect gear (very rare!) needs to feel comfortable doing T6 Solo.

    To comment on your points.

    1) Aughild'sis a given. We all have that. The belt you are talking about is String of Ears. I have that but it is build dependant. CDR Archon don't really have space for that. Used it on my Arcane Torrent build, but obviouisly it makes you drop dmg.
    Still DMG is NOT the problem at all, its survivability as items like that just do not make a big enough difference while keeping the other requirements you need.

    2) Again Aughild'sis a given. No room for Suxthorne's Set. I recon they need to add some +elite dmg reduction for us somewhere.

    3) Not a problem with a good CDR Archon build and not really a problem with a high toughness build with MW - Deflection

    All this said I don't think the game is balanced for T6 with where classes and gear currently stand. Maybe things change as they look at all the classes and other gear becomes available in 2.1. We'll see
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    posted a message on T6 Rift's
    I still have a hard time seeing Wizards doing T6 really efficiently. Survivability always seems the issue to me. No matter what spec you are some of these elites are still going to TP to you with chains and what not, pull you into ice etc. You all know the sort of combo's I am talking about.

    Generally to me it seems ppl are running unbuffed stats in the range of 1400 AR & 6500 Armour. That gets buffed by Prismatic Armor,Unwavering Will, Blur etc (and gets you to +- 12k Armour & 2400+ AR).
    One can't get much more than this without dropping a lot of dmg etc.

    That in T6 will NOT allow you to survive much and I think Wizards and most classes need a bit of help here. As Jaetch has mentioned all the classes have not even had a pass since ROS. Maybe T6 is the way it is atm with 2.1 & Ladder items in mind, who knows.

    I'm not asking for the game to be faceroll, but imo there is room for quite a bit of balancing. The idea being that with perfect gear any class should have a handful of builds that they would feel comfortable doing T6 solo in on a HC character with focus & skill. Or am just wrong?

    If you doing T6 Solo without Unity in under 15 mins without any deaths then pls make a post with your profile so I can have a look & learn.

    This is just my opinion and I welcome any help, corrections & opinions.
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    posted a message on WTS 800dps, 785 loh fist weapon 4mil

    Bid at 4mil gold atm, msg me LimpNoodle#2379
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    posted a message on Loh & Attack speed for the Barb?
    Aw great that helps. And it has more dps.

    800 LoH on slow weapon was without anything in the socket.
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    posted a message on Loh & Attack speed for the Barb?

    I hope someone can help here.
    How important is attack speed with LoH for a barb using frenzy atm?


    1050 dps 1-hander, 1.2 AS, 800 Loh, Socket for more Loh


    900 dps 1-hander, 1.45 AS, 750 Loh

    (Atm its for 1-hander + shield and transitioning into dual wield when I can)
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    posted a message on Life on hit - how does it accualy work?
    Hi guys, let me post this here instead of making another thread.

    I've been wondering in regard to this. How does a weapon with decent dmg and good rolled stats match up vs LoH weapons (considering LOH weapons don't usually carry the best extra stats).

    How important is this whole LOH thing for Barbs & Monks really, or are people just making to much about this?

    Take this weapon for instance:

    To me this seems like a nice 1 handed weapon with decent dmg & quite nicely rolled stats, or am I wrong?

    Then you have something like this:

    Decent dmg, nice LoH & extra attack speed (which is good for Loh), but obviously no other stats to speak of.

    How does the 2 really compare? What would you go for and why?

    To me LoH seems nice, specially for boss fights, but that LoH is not going to save you from the crazy dmg that some mobs and elites can dish out in a matter of seconds... So in that case stats would be cool.
    (pls don't tell me LoH with good stats on as you don't really seem them around much, if ever and would obviously be crazy amounts)

    Hope some of you can help. Thanks :)
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    posted a message on 5 stack valor solo Inferno Diablo
    Well at least I now have a better weapon. This just dropped on Act 3

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    posted a message on 5 stack valor solo Inferno Diablo
    Ok wtf.

    I have

    52k HP
    14k dmg
    9481 Armor
    1.1k Physical Resist
    1k All Resists
    31% Block (2800-3700)
    76% dmg Reduction

    So basically a bit less Armor, better other stats. Only things I don't have vs you are dmg reductions from Stormshield & String + Life on Hit (To damn expensive and been told many times its nice to have, but not needed)

    - So basically it seems these are a must... what else?

    9/10 Elite packs in Act3 I cant really do
    Some normal mobs should also be avoided

    Act3 can be done, but very very very slowly and allot of skipping. Can't be farmed and its definitely not fun to do.

    (Its definitely not a skill related thing as I do know what I'm doing and come from a hardcore Wow background.)
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)

    My Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#eZPjfm!XVY!YbZZcc

    I have quite a few builds that I want to try out when the game hits. This one I think is for a bit of "farming". The idea behind it is get somewhere quick, throw out damage and finish things off or get out of there.

    Electrocute - A little bit of AOE dmg with the passive to stun, but mostly for when its time to get my Arcane power back and thus runed for that.

    Arcane Orb - It looks like its doing some serious dmg to mobs in groups

    Blizzard - Had fun with this in D2, hopefully its cool AOE dmg in D3 :) - Runed to freeze

    Teleport - Runed to get around quicky

    Ice Armor - Runed for a storm and dmg around me

    Archon - Just to add to the "Get in there, do allot of dmg idea"

    Passive Skills just obviously adds to this build.

    Its all just speculation at this point and we'd obviously have to wait for the game, but it would be great to at least get a feel for the game with the Beta.

    GL and HF everyone :)
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    posted a message on Anybody else not feeling D3 anymore?
    I was also older when I played D1 and all this waiting has made me very annoyed. I reached my top point of excitement just before the release date was pushed back end of last year and I have to say the time spend on anything D3 related has gotten less and less each week.

    I have not had a chance to try the Beta but I spoke to a friend who have and he told me there is nothing to worry about, it will be a great ga,e. Only thing is I'm an oldschool fan and I'm not sure how much I can trust someone elses words.

    So I've decided to stop worrying or bitching about it and just wait. Not like we can do anything about it.
    For the time I'll just enjoy the other good games I am playing atm, which is Kingdoms of Amalur & Dota 2.
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