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    posted a message on Let's Fail with Madnek [10.Oct.2014 update]
    Hello there people, I'm new to this LP stuff. Had my tube channel for few years and been uploading some WoW videos from time to time, pvp related.Around May 2011 (Airandius advise :)) I've started with some LPs or should I say Let's Fails.


    Let's Play Alien Isolation

    Let's Play Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

    Let's Play Wasteland 2

    Let's Play Splinter Cell Pandora

    Let's Play Deadlight

    Outlast Highlights/Compilation/Montage!

    Watch a few and let me know what you think. if you enjoy, don't forget to like, favourite, comment and subscribe :)
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    posted a message on Buying Guild Wars 2. Need some help/advice!
    1. not sure if there is a US/EU versions, but the game offers EU players to play on US servers (and vice versa i guess). never had any redistration/activation issues, i believe its create an account and thats it. (but i might be wrong).
    2. yes on login, you just put in acc name and pw. you can have gw2 login tool to remember the login details, so you just press login and thats it.
    3. there are weekly maintenance like most mmos, there are sometimes unscheduled maintenance, but thats mainly because of the huge season events been put into the game.
    4. never actually paid attention to that tool, but when you quest you dont really need to be in a grp.
    5. yes you can. how long it will take depends on you and what you do in the game, since almost everything gives you exp.
    6. yes there is, there plenty of world events, pvp, explorations, jumping puzzles, etc etc.
    7. some gear, looks realistic, other looks fantasy-like or steam-punk.
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    I dont mind companies want to make money. its the fact that the companies dont deliver the worth of the money. "cheating" out the money from your clients, will make the company lose more clients then gaining them.
    I dont blaim the people, cus people as a whole usually arent thinking for themselves, they just go with the flow. stupidity is under-rated. yet companies usually arent as stupid.
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