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    At this point I feel like people have brought up many of the good points about the pvp system, and the frustration about the system is clear, but can we articulate our thoughts in a more reasonable fashion rather than trolling?

    TDM still involves skill, be it a different type of skill due to the nature of TDM, but who says that extremely similar or the same strategies cannot apply to TDM as LMS? Let's think about the roll of skill cooldowns in pvp. With LMS, every skill would be available at the beginning of each round. In TDM, people will have to portion out their skills in order to deal with the stronger/weaker characters or combination of characters currently alive on the opposing team, and how those skills support the characters alive on your own team while LMS might actually support blowing all your cooldowns at once in order to get the kill more so than TDM. TDM forces the player to decide whether it is worth blowing cooldowns in order to get one or two kills and having to play defensive or using skills with lesser cooldowns until the stronger skills are available.

    OFC, I'm no stranger to competition and I understand the desire for LMS. There are strategies involved that affect the rest of the match in a much more devastating way than they would in TDM. You can bait out skills with long cooldowns and punish your opponent harshly, which is extremely fulfilling. TDM does not give the player the same sense of fulfillment from outsmarting your opponent in the short term, but there is still strategy involved, and a lot of it.

    The biggest question plaguing people right now... Is TDM more casual than LMS? In terms of accessibility, yes. It's a game mode accessible to every player. Does TDM allow for serious competition? Yes, in a much different style than LMS would, but supports a different style of play and different strategy. Is TDM less strategic than LMS? No, it's not less strategic; it involves a different way of thinking.

    Am I supportive of TDM over LMS? No, not at all. I want LMS. But I think it'd be extremely beneficial for both modes to be implemented.
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    I have a few points that came to mind regarding the tp's/pots etc.

    Potions I feel are a slow regeneration mechanic that is useful in between battles, but too slow for when in the middle of a battle. In combat healing will be done by Orbs. That just seems like how it will work as of right now.

    TP's are an interesting mechanic to toy with though. It seems to me that the major problem was that people would high-tail out of battle if it wasn't going well. to solve this they could make you face the boss (either by letting it chase you or confining you to the arena) and then have the TP be a channeled action. It does not need to be interrupted, although that was a good idea. :Thumbs Up: Imagine channeling a spell while fighting Durial. If you are not doing well already you will die before you make it home! This would certainly prevent people from escaping dire situations weather it was a boss battle or just a normal mob. Notably, this does not require a cool-down or arbitrary location restrictions. Add the 'only the caster' idea and it sounds like a great solution.

    As for skipping content, I get the impression that they don't like it, but they are not fundamentally against it either. The way to reduce content skipping that I think they will go for is making the content both interesting and rewarding. Remember Bash posted that there was already a separate mechanic for joining allies in the field one-way so, even without TP's, rushing is possible. :cheers:

    agree 100%. There are a few things we need to think about in terms of balancing TP's. Single player and multiplayer games and translating TP's to be relevant for each. In the diablo 2 single player campaign, what was the role of the TP? Selling items and escaping combat, maybe hiring back your mercenary. In diablo 3, TP's will not need to function like this anymore if we are to believe they won't be usable in combat. I don't think escaping combat is necessarily a bad thing, but should not be instant.

    As for being restricted to using TP's out of combat, I'm not sure when our character is ever technically out of combat. If TP's are serving a function that aligns itself with the universe, combat persists throughout the entire game. And I refuse to believe that our lovable game designers are trying to find a way to get us out of the action so that we can take a trip to town. No, channeling a portal sounds much more likely, and much more desirable. TP's actually help the game keep its hellishly fast pace.

    It's safe to assume we are not going to have tomes for TP's. I just don't see them coming back. We're going to have to change our belief that TP's are scrolls. I'm almost certain they will not be.


    Also I wanna give shout outs to the Diablo fight in D2 for attempting to solve the TP problem. If TP's are usable during boss fights, we need to see more of this.
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