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    posted a message on Infinites in D3 I think YES!
    So, were did this infinite = stun lock idea come from I've played plenty of games and never heard stun lock called infinite EVER. And they're not haters just because they didn't hop on your thought process and agree with you. While in theory your idea might be doable, you have to take into consideration grats you have 3 barbs stun locking 1 guy in a 3v3. But, in return you now have 3 stun locked barbs in a 3v3.

    P.S. Don't assume people are stupid/nubs just because they don't recognize your abstract terminology.

    Edit: does it sound like he's trying to be cooler than he is.


    Infinite's are usually to "style" on a player.

    It could just be me mind you. *shrug*

    That is all.
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    I'm not "forum savvy" so I'm just posting a link to the page with the blue.

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    We have no idea how the unattuned system is going to work. Or if it'll end up working at all. We're trying out some different options, but we're not likely to reveal much until we're more certain. Maybe it'll be something we feel comfortable discussing at BlizzCon? ... maybe not.

    On a slightly related (?) note we're playing around with having skill swapping locked to being in-town only. We're definitely not sold on it, but it could appear at some time in a beta patch, so FYI. Just be aware it's only something we're trying, and not a permanent solution.


    Official Blizzard Quote:

    As a follow up, there's no concept of 'in combat' or 'out of combat' in the game, so that's not something we can just hook in to. There could be. We could take programming time dedicated to other features and design and build out a 'combat state' system, but that's programming time away from something else.

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    posted a message on How much would you pay for a beta key?
    nothing I'm poor.
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    posted a message on DiabloCast: Episode XXI - The Pros & Cons
    How much for the red head? OH! ummm..... I mean ahh.... I like those socks yea.... the socks....
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    I would attend as long as everyone understands that in RL I'm a bit shy and don't tend to start conversations. You want to talk to me go for it I can hold the other end fine. One of the Quiet Ones : )

    Edit : wait..... is this an online release party? If so then what I post first is a lie and I'm actually as cool as the other side of the pillow O_O

    No really!
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    posted a message on Do the Umpa
    Tanks for the lulz.
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    posted a message on Drops for You and Me
    So we are pushing co-op like the latest fashion says Blizzard
    OK cool says I
    We are taking away things that make you want to solo to do this says Blizzard
    Well.. OK I'll trust you on that still sounds good says I
    OH! and we are taking away the increased drops from being in co-op says Blizzard
    WTF Blizzard says I
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    posted a message on Best free to play mmo's list?
    EverQuest 2 Extended (the free version) blows. I'll tell you why they make you about useless you can receive (can't send) mail, you can't use most of the chat channels, you get only the most basic skill/spell upgrades and are bared from using the best 2 item tiers in the game (these last 2 character gimps will make you think EQ2 is the worst game on earth) . EverQuest 2 is best played with the pay model. I play EverQuest 2 and tried extended this is just a warning. I hear LoTRO is good though. And D&DO is more suited for D&D fans. Champions online isn't bad if you like the super hero style games. HellGate: London is back and is free to play, it's not 100% atm being in OBT. But, if you played HG:L it's great with some new features, everything you would remember it to be for the most part.

    My question is how is Conan now that it's free to play? I stop playing is on the starter island because I felt i was going no where.
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    posted a message on We all know who the monk is....
    The Monk is chuck Noris. example:
    Lashing Tail Kick: The Monk unleashes a DEADLY ROUNDHOUSE KICK, dealing Physical damage and causing knockback.

    -Enough Said.
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