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    Hey guys, looking for help rerolling the ancient Inna's daibo i got yesterday. This baby has nearly perfect damage rolls, so I really don't wanna mess it up as it's probably the best weapon I'll ever see. The stats are:

    4,390.2 dps

    +1828-2274 Cold damage (cap is up to 2325)

    +10% damage (cap)

    +1421 Dex (cap is 1465)

    Increases Spirit regen by 5.10

    Increases mystic Ally damage by 118% (cap is 120%)

    +26 max spirit

    The socket will obv come from Ramaladni

    I'm thinking to reroll spirit regen into vitality (up to 1465), however +24% area damage, +10% damage vs elites and 10% cooldown reduction are all very tempting as is up to 36k life on hit. I'm playing the standard EP Inna6 build. Opinions?

    Thanks in advance.

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