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    Skills: http://us.battle.net...XOPQ!Yab!bZacZY
    Follower: http://us.battle.net...follower#!!1010 (I use the enchantress because she doesn't die as often, but the scoundrel is viable too. The follower is a big chunk of your damage so I wouldn't choose the templar).

    Strengths: Very defensive, great against most elite packs (including fast), and narrow alleys.
    Weaknesses: Mortar, extra health, and doors you have to attack down.

    How it works:
    Venom Hydra + Enchantress will do all your damage. Mirror images will soak up incoming damage and keep the enemy in place.

    This is not your traditional kiting build.

    You usually end up standing within 10 feet of your enemy so your images will get into combat and keep them busy for your hydra to burn them down. You can have 100% up time on mirror images if you use teleport aggressively (which I find myself doing often).


    Background: I currently play a level 60 hardcore Wizard and I just defeated the Skeleton king on Inferno. Came up with this build last night and have been enjoying it more than Blizz + Hydra since this build is more defensive and provides an answer for "fast" enchanted mobs.
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    I don't like it. Avatars too small, GIFs don't animate, TOO MUCH LIKE MMO-CHAMPION. I knew this was going to happen the second Boub took over. The only real reason Curse took over this website is because Blizzard cut a deal with the previous admin for exclusive Diablo 3 content since he willingly gave the Diablo3.com domain name to them.

    It's frustrating too see our community handed over to someone who doesn't bother to answer his messages. Makes me feel like my voice is just being ignored.
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    Hello everyone! I started working on a mini series called D2 vs. D3 where I use in game footage to compare games, let me know what you think. Oh, and feel free to discuss the topic! :D


    Criticism welcome and encouraged.
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    Female wizard 100%! :D
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