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    posted a message on Looting of Corpses in HC PVP?
    I asked twitter your question as I dont think it has been specified that you get to loot the losers corpse or not.
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    posted a message on At 28th june They will release...
    Quote from Zanmato

    It's anyone's guess at this point. Personally I'm thinking beta in early 2011 and a release in q4. Best thing to do is sit back, and think of all the awesome things that they're implementing every day.

    Jay is quoted saying there will be a beta 6 months prior to release so your timing is a little off
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    posted a message on Barbarian Artwork
    wow, he looks like death.... really awesome job
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    posted a message on 2010 press kit question
    It could be Seismic Slam Runed for some strange reason that didnt occur to me.

    Did you also notice that the Barb is dual wielding a ringed halberd type weapon and a dagger/short sword?
    I would figure that the halberd was a 2h weapon.....
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    posted a message on What class should I play?
    I have not played in a very long time, but Id go warrior. A rage-a-holic werewolf seems appropriate.
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    posted a message on 2010 press kit question
    So I was re-watching the video released from the press kit. The barbarian uses a skill that isnt (or atleast I cant determine which) on the wiki. It is a wave technique thrown from the Barb in a straight line. Start watching at 9m30s, Keep an eye on the Barb wielding the polearm. At 9m50s he goes to the top left. The first showing of the skill is very quick and barely on the screen at 9m52-3s. 9m54-55s a second one appears thrown upwards. Also if you stop the video at 10m on the dot the its red wave pointing SW away from the barb.

    I didnt think it was seismic slam because I thought that was showcased in the first video the skill that raised 2 maces I believe and slammed them in front causing a distorted wave knocking things aside.

    Any thoughts on this, or am I mistaken?
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    posted a message on this made my day
    Individual Drops

    One major change to items is that players only see items drop that are theirs, and theirs alone. No more of the "ninja looting" of D2, where everything that dropped was first come, first served. This results in more total items dropping, since bosses drop an item or two for every character in the area, but each character only sees their items. If that boss dropped four items in a four player game, each player would only see their item. Trading or giving items away is easy; simply pick them and then drop them. Once a character drops an item any other player can see it and may pick it up.

    I hated how if you lagged or weren't fast enough or just spammed clicks to try and get something of value and got nothing off of boss drops. Having your own drop is a grand idea.
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    posted a message on hey scyber
    Didnt realize you were also fishing for responses though twitter as well~ (I'm illthegreat)
    good times.
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    posted a message on The Beta Has Started
    Quote from Apoc

    There may be a friend's and family phase, but they are always under NDA, so what's the point of announcing this? You can't prove it. In before thread lock.

    The time line for a June release has become very very likely ,and that my friend is worth the thread.
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    posted a message on The Beta Has Started
    [quote name='Jamoose' date='24 November 2010 - 05:11 PM' timestamp='1290618696' post='567626'

    What new battle.net features are you talkinga bout?
    when you add people to your real friend ID you can see them in any Battlenet game. In WoW you can see the Character they are on and where they are at in game, In SC2 you can see what game type 2v2/ human vs ai/ custom game
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    posted a message on The Beta Has Started
    Quote from Don_guillotine

    A friend of a friend's cat's cousin has Elvis's brain stashed in a jar.

    No, really.

    Public beta will start with an announcement. Sure, they may be in the friends & family phase, but without any evidence: fat chance!

    Yes but this is a real life friend that I have known for years, and he has screenshots. Nt tho!
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    posted a message on The Beta Has Started
    A friend of mine in a prominent WoW guild has 2 friends in world top guilds on his friends list that came up as playing Diablo 3 Beta (you can see that due to the new battle.net features).

    (^for those who already received keys, I am highly doubtful that invites have gone out in mass yet)

    I am Jealous!!
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    posted a message on How will difficulty scale?
    Quote from Jackzor

    Probably a mixture of more health, different abilities, and the more dangerous affixes (ie Health Link or Molten Teleporter) show up more often.

    Health Link or Molten Teleporter <<< are those new monster mods? health link is i presume you hurt it, it hurts you or the unique shares damage taken with its pack? molten teleporter..... causes fire damage when it teleports?

    some explanation would be nice~ if you would
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    posted a message on What type of Barb will you make?
    Tank for me~
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    posted a message on Pre Beta Theorycrafting Barb Skills
    So I went here and decided to try and pick a skill set. I know they are subject to change and the percentages(some are not given yet) will also effect which skills/traits will actually be chosen in game. Not to mention that we have no idea how runes will effect the skills either, but that is a story left for another day. So, my idea was to try and make my Barb as useful as I could. The Barb in Diablo 2 was very lacking in killing power versus many enemies until whirlwind(unless you went frenzy). The only thing that worries me is that being a melee class, it might end up being more gear dependent to be as successful as casters.


    Tier One
    Rampage(tweaked Zeal in disguise)
    This warcry/buff allows the Barbarian to hit additional targets per swing, as well as increasing the attack speed.
    * Description: Strikes X additional targets with each attack and increases attack speed by X%.

    A powerful melee attack, this hits multiple enemies per swing; as many as are within the sweep of the Barbarian's reach, dealing substantial damage to everything.
    * Description: The Barbarian swings at multiple targets at once, dealing X% weapon damage to all targets in front of him.

    The choice between these two is that I'm assuming cleave has a low% of the weapons base damage, I would go rampage. If it is at least 80% I would go cleave.

    Tier Two
    War Cry(probably not called shout due to the runes making it increase a different stat)
    This shout boosts the Barbarian's Fury, as well as the armor of the Barbarian and all nearby party members.
    * Description: A terrifying cry that provides X fury and increases the armor of the Barbarian and all party members within X feet by X% for X seconds.

    Free fury and a party skill is just gravy. Plus with runes I assume it will improve the defense even further or boost a stat/damage/Hp < basically anything that all 5 classes can get benefit from.

    Tier Three
    A melee skill, this one becomes available when when the Barbarian is hit. It deals a fast spinning hit that can strike multiple enemies for considerable damage. It is an active skill; you must trigger it each time to make it work; it doesn't just activate automatically when you are struck.
    * Description: When hit, there is a X% chance the Barbarian may strike all enemies within X feet, dealing X% weapon damage and gaining X% health for each enemy hit.

    I am at a toss up between this and the tier four skill sprint, the % chance on this actually occurring heavily weighs on this skills success imo.

    Tier Four
    A shout that buffs the Barbarian with extra movement speed.
    * Description: Grants X% speed boost for X seconds.
    (could become party speed buff, which means more ground covered and less time spent traveling and more time killing)

    Threatening Shout
    A shout that debuffs enemies, lowering their damage.
    * Description: Shouts with great ferocity, reducing damage done by enemies within X feet by X% for X seconds.

    Threatening Shout is an iffy skill so to speak, I don't know if there are other debuff skills in D3. If so, do they stack or override like in D2? Lots of questions about this skill, but the idea of reducing damage of a Boss the first time through the game is great.

    Leap Attack
    A deadly fast attack, this one allows the Barbarian to leap into attack, moving far faster than running speed, as well as vaulting over obstacles or monsters between him and his prey.
    * Description: The Barbarian makes a mighty leap, causing X% weapon damage to all enemies within X feet upon landing.

    (Optional attack in case of warcrys overriding, also on a side note- IF there are random dungeons that have a time limit to get a chest or kill a boss deep in the dungeon, leap coupled with sprint would end up being all kinds of awesome)

    Tier Five
    Battle Rage
    A shout that provides a damage boost and critical hit improvement for a short duration.
    * Description: Enter a rage which provides a X% damage boost and X% critical hit bonus for X seconds.

    A dps increase with the potential to be a party buff as well is highly welcomed.

    Seismic Slam
    A more powerful version of Ground Stomp, this skill deals higher damage and knocks back enemies, rather than stunning them.
    * Description: Slam the ground causing a wave of destruction that deals X% weapon damage in front of the Barbarian and causes knockback.
    (Optional attack in case of warcrys overriding) - See Tier Six Taunt

    Tier Six
    A shout that overrides monster AI, causing them to rush towards the Barbarian and launch weakened melee attacks.
    * Description: Taunt monsters to attack you at close range for X seconds. Taunted monsters do X% less damage while taunted.

    I want to be the tank, but as I said I don't know how this interacts with threatening shout. If I am only permitted to get one of the two, I would consider grabbing Seismic Slam from tier 5 or Leap from tier 4.

    Tier Seven
    Wrath of the Berserker
    This shout grants higher stats and enables the Barbarian to partially break monster immunities.
    * Description: Enter a heightened sense of fury, raising several stats (Critical Hit, Attack Speed, Dodge Chance, Movement Speed) for X seconds. Monsters with damage immunities will take X% less damage from the Barbarian's attacks rather than being immune.

    As awesome as call of the ancients looks/seems, Physical Immune Mobs are no fun to kill with melee. It also provides more dps on top of being able to deal with Immunes.
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