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    posted a message on Which Tal/DelRasha variant for HC?

    I've currently been running a [Tal Rasha build with Triumvirate:


    and would like to mix it up a little bit. It's not that it hasn't been working well for me (able to run GR26 in 6-8 minutes; mostly don't want to move up further because of my toughness), but I'd like to try something else.

    I've been looking around at different Tal/DelRasha builds and there's so many I'm not sure what to move onto next. I've been playing around with the idea of this:


    I gave it a try and had some trouble keeping enemies contained but I think with better gear I could pull it off (the T&T I was using was pretty terrible so I sacrificed damage and toughness; I didn't want to put it in my cube in case I wanted to re-roll it). I still need a Serpent's Sparker too.

    I've also been thinking about Blatty's build:


    But the fact that it seems much more up close and personal (because of Spectral Blade and Explosive Blast) worries me since I'm playing HC.

    What Tal Rasha's build would you guys recommend?

    Since I'm in HC, it seems that incorporating Delsere into my build for that extra CC (from Slow Time) is a no brainer. I'm not crazy about the skill but am willing to give it a shot if the other Tal Rasha builds aren't working for me. What DelRasha builds do you guys recommend?

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    posted a message on How to build a fresh 70 for HC...

    Hey guys,

    Just got a fresh 70 Wiz in HC (seasonal). Looking for builds. It seems that Vyr's is the go-to build for 2.3. I'm not crazy about the build but if I did happen to get Vyr's, how is it in HC? How vulnerable are you when Archon is down?

    Other than Vyr's, what other builds would you recommend for HC? I like DelRasha but am still looking for pieces for that.

    Vyr's and DelRasha seem to be far and away the most common builds. Are there any other builds that you might recommend? Any single-element builds?

    Any special considerations I should make since I'm in HC?

    Thanks guys.

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    posted a message on Difficulty benchmarks for a DH?

    Can anyone give me some basic toughness/HP/resists/damage benchmarks for moving up difficulties? From Master on. I know damage is hard to estimate with different affixes but a ballpark figure is fine.

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    posted a message on Most viable class for HC (excluding Barb and Monk)?

    Sorry about that, my apologies. I'll check out that thread, thank you.

    Currently leaning towards a DH, WD, or a Wiz if anyone has any input on those.

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    posted a message on Most viable class for HC (excluding Barb and Monk)?

    So, I'm going to be starting up a new character to play on hardcore with my buddies (non-season). They're currently a Barb and a Monk so I would like to play something else. I'm open to any of the four remaining characters but don't really know how they stack up with the current meta (it's been a while since I've played).

    After some searching it seems that the popular builds are Vyr's (Wiz), DoT/pet (WD; would probably follow Debo's build, at least for the time being), Hammerdin (Crusader), and UE/Nat's (DH). Which do you think is the most viable/safest for HC? I'm leaning towards a DH or a WD but I'm afraid that something like Reflects Damage might pop up and bite me in the ass once we hit late game.

    What do you guys think? Is there another build here that you would recommend over the one's that I listed? What would you recommend?

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