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    Quote from "interception" »
    At first I thought woah, this game could actually become something.
    Then I watched the gameplay. Character movement and other animations (lightsaber combat wtf!?)
    makes my eyes bleed :/

    hehe I agree. SWTOR has terrible animations.
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    SWTOR is aiming to be the opposite of Diablo 3. SWTOR has a terribly deformed and cartoony art style. The character running animation in SWTOR looks completely retarded.

    I prefer the serious and bloody graphics style of Diablo III, which implies that D3 will have a more serious and mature story/gameplay.

    Also, SWTOR will not feature limb severing, which the SW movies had in abundance. So instead of following the highly successful movies, they will remove limb severing from lightsaber combat to copy the SW cartoon, hence the ridiculous graphics style. SWTOR will be a kiddie game for the general audience while D3 will be bloody, gritty and mature for hardcore gamers.

    Besides, which other game out there offer a hardcore mode? Diablo 3 will be #1.
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    posted a message on I'm sad
    My friend was very sad that there is no righteous knight in shining armor such a Paladin in the game.

    But now he's over it and has decided to play the next most handsome character: the Monk.

    He says he will not lower his standards any lower than that and will never consider playing an ugly Witch Doctor or a primitive Barbarian.

    I'm not as picky though I'll play anything even a Witch Doctor wearing nothing but a loincloth.

    I do miss the Necromancer and hope that the Witch Doctor will be just as fun.
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    posted a message on Games to play while waiting for Diablo 3? (multiple merged threads)
    On November 3rd, Dragon Age: Origins will be released by Bioware.

    It will be the best RPGer yet.
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    posted a message on I'm missing a dark class bad
    The Witch Doctor is just as dark as the Necromancer.

    Both convene with spirits, ghosts, zombies. Both can afflict their enemies with curses.

    Plus the Witch Doctor ingests drugs and other materials to make him more powerful. He is as much of an anti-hero as the Necromancer.

    Maybe a lot of people are put off by the Witch Doctor's appearance.

    My friends who ALWAYS played the Paladin in Diablo 2 thought the pally looked really cool when you selected him on the first screen and he salutes you by pulling out his sword and getting down on one knee.

    On the other hand, when talking about which character he might play in D3, he still yearns for a Paladin, but since his return is unlikely, he reluctantly settles for the monk.

    He says that there is no way in hell that he will play a character as ugly as the Witch Doctor. Heck it's already a blasphemy for him to play a bald and unshaven monk.

    Edit: Concerning the D2 Necromancer, I thought he was the most detailed and original dark class out there.

    He was not evil at all, instead he yearns for balance between Heaven and Hell. He controls the thin line between life and death, and since he acts to maintain the balance, he is immune to the corruption of the Prime Evils, something that even the Paladins of Zakarum fell prey to.

    I think it's awesome that a Necromancer of all things is immune to all those evil temptations, and it makes sense story-wise.
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    posted a message on lvl 1 barb pwned diablo and baal?
    So if the Barbarian of D3 is the same guy who beat the Prime Evils in D2, how can Blizzard or anyone explain that the D3 barb is lvl 1 and struggling to kill fallens?
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    posted a message on 4 or 8 Player Max?
    6 please. If I add up all the gaming friends I have then I get 6 lol

    Seriously, why downgrade from 8 to 4? I thought something like 10 was almost a certainty.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3/Starcraft 2 Graphics Cards - Economy/Overkill
    I think Diablo 3 will have bigger system requirements than SC2, as it will be released 1.5 years or more later.

    If Diablo 3 had the same requirements as SC2 while being released in 2011, then D3's graphics would be way outdated.
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    posted a message on Story behind inactivity of D2 classes in D3 is kinda silly
    "Warriors that survived the onslaught of the armies of the Burning Hells have gone mad from their ordeals and it is up to a new generation of heroes to face the forces of evil threatening the world of Sanctuary."

    Ummm, warriors who fought in battle and survived are called veterans. They are revered by the new recruits and in turn the veterans share their experience and train the next generation. The US Navy rotated their ace pilots out of combat so that they may train raw recruits.

    Now, if Mephisto or Diablo personally confused the minds of ALL Paladins, Necromancers, Assassins, Druids, Sorceresses and Amazons, then I can accept it. But that's impossible, they can only corrupt nearby creatures, not people halfway across the world.

    How likely is it that there are no Necromancers left in the recesses of some damp swamp able to pass on the knowledge about Golems and Curses to the next generation?

    If the story goes that no outstanding Necromancer or Sorceress can be found within the current generation, then that's cool I think that can be realistic.

    However, the fact that they all went mad, and that none of the victors are living the good life, teaching the next generation, reveling in their glory or milking their reputation is silly to me.

    The story that connected D1 to D2 with the Dark Wanderer being corrupted by Diablo was a lot cooler. Of course the D3 story is not finished yet, so maybe they will make up a better story.
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    posted a message on Fifth Class Brainstorm
    Quote from "Jackzor" »
    Dry Steppes are open. I vote someone from there, like a mongol or far east archer. Would be pretty savage (you know those mongols).

    I like this idea. A more savage and ruthless Archer class like the Mongolian Horse Archer would be original.
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    posted a message on Lack of a Paladin would leave many Blizzard gamers disappointed
    I find the current 4 classes to be very interesting, to the point that I will let my friends pick their class first, and I will choose between the classes remaining while still being able to enjoy whatever I end up with.

    However, I feel that some Diablo purists will be disappointed if D3 lacks an Archer class or a Paladin class.

    Especially the Paladin, since that's the only class my friend and his brothers play. It was arguably the most popular class of World of Warcraft at launch, another of Blizzard's titles. My point is that D2 and WoW have cemented the Paladin as a popular character, as a class most players can identify with and enjoy using in their battle versus evil.

    Therefore, whether the 5th class is an Archer type or a Paladin variant, be it named Knight, Crusader or any other title, I feel that many D2 players who enjoyed the Amazon or the Paladin will be disappointed.

    I also think that lore-wise, the Paladin is a perfect fit to the world of Sanctuary. It made a lot of sense that some of the Paladin's greatest holy powers only affect undead and demons, which are legion in Sanctuary.

    What about you guys? Do you know any friends who swear only by the Paladin? As I mentionned above, I have 2 friends and one of their siblings who play nearly exclusively a Paladin, with my other friend playing Barbarian and assassin. I liked the Necromancer and Barbarian in D2 but I can play any class.
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    posted a message on What Do YOU Want To Know About Diablo 3?

    My friend ALWAYS plays a paladin in every Blizzard game, be it Diablo 2 or World of Warcraft.

    Will there be a Knight or Crusader class in Diablo 3? Something that self-righteous Paladin players can have fun with.

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