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    posted a message on Battle.net blank dialog boxes and grayed join/create game buttons

    Hey guys!

    I've started this 100% legit warrior a few weeks ago in single player, but then was looking for a multiplayer options just in case I had to give the guy a walk with a friend. I use an .iso image at this moment.

    I discover I can make a multiplayer character that I can play alone from direct connect cable (last option in multiplayer menu) but that this character can also be played on b.net for later use. So I grind the guy to level 37 alone with a lot of fun and coffee, but definitely need some help (multiplayer monsters have a natural HP bonus of +30-35%, wich can be a terriffic penalty against a single player, in hell difficulty on spectrum 4 of the dungeon with 800hp succubis...) so decide to turn to battle.net for a rogue/mage for some extra firepower.

    I patch to 1.09.
    I connect to battle.net and get the most annoying bug ever: a blank text window.

    Ok, that is cool, I mean I cant read anything but I know there's button, and I can read what's on them if I hold the click and dont release...
    So eventually, I MAKE a battle.net account trough all of these blank box and manage to know wich box is what.

    But then:

    I realize i'm ****ed up big time. I cant see nothing on chat window and mostly cannot join/create games.

    I order a physical copy of D1 since I've read its the .iso porting that is causing this incompatibility with battle.net.
    Let's make it clear, I'm very far from of being network guru.
    I got the CD yesterday, so I make a backup of my character (the multi_0.sv file), uninstall, delete everything, unmount .iso and start over.
    I Install D1, patch, put save files in folder, they work. Great.

    Battle.net is the same, even with a physical copy. Same bugs, and there's just nowhere on the whole web to find a fix to this issue.
    To that, add the fact that I seem ''unplugged'' (small icon to the right of my warrior icon), I think this is what causes to go both buttons blank, and think it must be related to a simple routing/port issue, but I'm still having two major problems there.
    I've been able to join/create a game once on battle.net but dont remember what where the particular setting or what I did right at that time, all I know is that I didn't had that little unplugged icon.

    I'm still running on windows 7 but I doubt the problem is my hardware or programs here.
    I'm also against third parties so dont think about talking me into any of them, I won't use them.
    Otherwise, feel free to ask anything that could help you diagnose this problem and end my dilemma! ;)

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