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    Unlimited - An Elite Diablo 3 Guild and Community is recruiting again and rebuilding for Reaper of Souls!
    Website: http://www.D3Unlimited.com
    (North America & Europe)
    Recruiting on the website says closed, but we are taking in and accepting applications. We are also in need of a few forum moderators and encourage you to apply if you have the experience and time for such a commitment.

    About Unlimited:

    If you are looking for a strong, well-organized, well-read, highly motivated, active and elite guild ahead of the rest and dominating Diablo 3, look no more! You've found it. Unlimited is not your average every day, just recruit anybody, Diablo clan or guild. We require a membership application to be filled out so we can hand pick only the best potential players. Unlimited is a guild who's been around and will continue to grow stronger and stronger throughout the next 20 years! So if you are looking for a permanent clan to call your home, come check us out. Read our Policies to find out if Unlimited is what you are looking for.

    How We Formed Originally:

    Unlimited originally formed as a small group of real life friends back in the days of Diablo 1 who shared the same interests. When Diablo II and LoD came out, we continued our adventures together throughout. We recruited few people to keep things simple and tight. We eventually started openly recruiting and grew to over 60 players, most of which were active during the 1.07-1.09 patches. After that, things died down a bit and we kept ourselves under the radar... though, we stuck around since then.

    Upon Release and Where We're At Now:

    A few years ago, we heard some rumors and then some news of Diablo 3 in the making! This excited us! We then decided to take things to the next level and go big and public, creating this website in the process. We had the experience, dedication, brains and resources to potentially create and run the best and most well-known Elite clan in Diablo 3. So far, it's working out much better than we ever expected!

    For over the past few years or so, we've been slowly fine-tuning our guild and website, since before the release of Diablo 3. We've also let recruitment open for the most part since then to get an idea of what people are looking for and what to expect. As of 2010, we had a decent player base ready to go into action as soon as the game hit the store shelves. However, we wanted to keep recruitment open and continue to strengthen our forces with elite, worthy and ready players from all over.

    After the release of Diablo 3, we have developed into more than just a Clan or Guild... we have developed into more of a small tight-knit society, completely independent of the outside. This is how we rolled into Diablo 3 right off the bat. To be completely self-sufficient and continue to march through Diablo 3 as one of the top Clans and be able to achieve and fulfill the dreams, needs and desires of every Unlimited member in Diablo 3. Unlimited is a happy and great place to be, and we thank all of our members for this, as they are the ones responsible for keeping Unlimited an enjoyable, fun and fair environment for everyone!

    For, well, most people... Diablo 3 wasn't exactly what everyone had hoped for. There were too many things that botthered players. Many realized this right away, and many people stopped playing or played much less half a year or so after release. Unlimited also had become less active for the past year or so, but we've stuck around in the shadows and even recruited a little here and there. The leader especially, since he's been moving between two countries. But now, things are looking up and it's time for an overhaul! Time to get things back to how they were at release! Time to come out of the shadows and kick this Reaper of Souls expansion in the rear!

    Our Goals:

    Our goals are great, yet easily achievable with dedicated members...
    • To be a large and the most well-known clan/guild in Diablo 3
    • To be the most respected guild in Diablo 3
    • To contain the most elite players in a single clan
    • To dominate and/or destroy everything and anything in our path, be it PvE or PvP
    • To have the best and most intelligent/skillful players around
    • To create a fun and enjoyable gaming environment for all members of Unlimited!
    • To have the best gear and items in the game
    • To have the largest stock of gear and items of any clan
    • To have help available to any member at any time for any need
    That list will never be complete, as we will always be setting new and better goals to reach as a guild.

    Website: http://www.D3Unlimited.com
    (North America & Europe)
    Recruiting on the website says closed, but we are taking in and accepting applications.
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