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    posted a message on <Blank> is seeking NS players :D


    Still have openings available, get in touch with us :D

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    posted a message on <Blank> is seeking NS players :D

    <Blank> is once again recruiting NS players :D

    <Blank> was founded on the idea that the highest levels of D3 were attainable without spending your life on a videogame. Our motto is "RL > D3", but that doesn't mean we can't compete for leaderboard spots, even if they're NS ones :P

    On that note, our main focus will always be Non-Season. Some of us will roll seasonal chars for whatever cosmetic (or stash-related) reward Blizz tosses at us, but the majority of us don't really bother with seasonal play. I, for one, have spent too much time building up my loot collection to toss it out xD

    We are always on the lookout for cool people to play D3 with. So, we're looking for people that:

    1. Play D3 regularly. We're casual, but the nature of D3 requires time spent farming. You can't get to the highest levels without putting in the time. While we do not have firm GR / Paragon requirements, we do need people that can run with our regular crew. We're not in the business of boosting low-level people we don't know.

    2. Are adaptable. Let's face it, the game changes every patch. We're constantly watching the "meta" and trying to find the most optimal setups. Most of us play at least 2-3 classes regularly, with many different specs. We enjoy theorycrafting things (especially in a fresh patch) and tend to experiment a bit, but we focus on finding the most ideal class / spec combos for tackling the high-end content.

    3. Aren't d-bags, &lt;_&lt; Kidding aside, we do value personality over GR score. It helps if you're willing to be outgoing and talkative. We like to have fun, we tend to mess around a bit, and we're looking for people that do the same :D

    4. We also ask that you not run bots. Bots aren't fun to talk to in clan chat.

    5. We do currently have access to a small Mumble server, but using it is not required.

    If these things apply to you, hit me up:

    -Ganjito #1931

    You can also contact one of our officers:

    -TrioSama #1911
    -Prometheus #1228

    -HosiosLoukas #1998
    -licorice #1976
    -kasper301615 #1320
    -LOONYONE #1253

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    posted a message on <Blank> is now recruiting :D

    Edited OP to add that we've gotten a Teamspeak server up and running :D

    We still want more people to fill out the ranks, but spots are filling up fast so get in touch with us :D

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    posted a message on <Blank> is now recruiting :D

    Clan <Blank> is now starting a seasonal division within our ranks :D

    If you are interested in playing seasons with us, please contact muz #1471.

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    posted a message on Dear non-seasonal players

    I'm pretty sure that BK ring does not proc Intimidate. It was tested a few times IIRC, and it stopped working in 2.2.

    My go-to method for CtW/ BotT procs is an enchantress with a Thunderfury and stacked IAS. She's just a ton more reliable than the templar who just stands there a majority of the time.

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    posted a message on <Blank> is now recruiting :D

    @Higgsboson: Sounds like we're what you're looking for, I'll send a inv when I get back on :D

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    posted a message on <Blank> is now recruiting :D

    We have filled up, and are no longer recruiting. Thanks to everyone that joined up for helping to make Clan Blank a huge success :D
    If you are still interested in joining us, go ahead and post below, We will be creating more spots as we finalize our policy toward inactivity.

    <Blank> is a clan that we formed to give us a place to hang out and help each other progress. Since our inception, we've grown to over 90 high quality members. We are focused on maintaining the fun, active, and cooperative atmosphere we have created.

    To further that goal we are continuing to recruit new members.
    (For seasonal players, please contact muz #1471).

    As part of our mission to create a "casual" end-game clan, I do not want to have strict paragon or GR completion requirements. However, there is a need to ensure that any new members will be able to actually play with the rest of us, so I've established a guideline for our officers when selecting new members.

    These are: Paragon - 400 (Season) 600 (NS), Solo GR completed (any class) - 45.

    Despite these, our main focus is creating a fun and cooperative atmosphere so personality matters more than GR score.

    Since we have recently started up a TeamSpeak3 server, use of that is a big plus :D

    If you are laid-back, friendly, and you've got the desire to do high-end content but haven't had much opportunity, this is the clan for you. Many of us have a good deal of leaderboard experience and plenty of in-game knowledge and would be happy to help other people progress in both groups and solo.

    So, if you're interested in joining or have questions about anything: contact me or an officer in-game, or post below :D

    Blank Clan Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/BlankClan/

    Ganjito #1931

    TrioSama #1911
    LORDSANSUI #1111
    Prometheus #1228
    HosiosLoukas #1998
    licorice #1976
    kasper301615 #1320
    LOONYONE #1253
    Poltergeist #1786

    Seasonal Division
    muz #1471

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