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    We need bow or bracers to buff cluster arrow for the Marauder set again, right now we can try 6piece marauder, focus + restraint, Yang's recurve (only for the resource reduction) Cube: convention, calamity, cindercoat. OR royal grandeur (for the helmet that gives resource reduction from act 3), clamity and cindercoat for crazy spam

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    we all know for now carnevil is overshadowing other builds within the
    WD class, however some of us don't want to play just 1 build with just
    our fetishes, remember that we have DOGS AND GARGANTUANS as well for
    pets not only fetishes, currently the zuni set just use fetishes as the
    main damage dealers, the dogs are just to block and gain life per hit
    through the rune, and gargantuan is not even usefull now with the
    current carnevil build.

    The fastest, easiest, time efficient for blizzard's devs way to fix
    this is to change the Zuni Pox ring to a shoulder piece: so we can make
    use of Tall man's finger, short's man finger, convention of elements,
    unity, obsidian ring, focus + restraint, ring of royal.

    Other important item to be used within the melee pet build is Tasker
    and Theo which is a very pet oriented item (WD being the main pet class
    should make usage of this) and remember we also have Ukhapian serpent
    for a more tanky set up and The Homunculus for a sacrifice build.

    Just by changing one ring to a shoulder piece will make a big
    difference for the pet melee builds, and bring back old builds, so for
    instance we have:

    1) Time efficient, dev's don't need to create a brand new standalone shoulder legendary effect.

    2) Opens up the possibility to use Mojos (named above and possibly
    rework ones for future patchs) and Taskers and Theo which is essential
    and lore driven item for the WD.

    3) We can make use of the dogs now with tall man's finger, for a little aoe fire damage or single target poison dps.

    4) Use of gargantuan with short's man finger, we have physical, fire poison runes for it.

    5) Make use of Ukhapian serpent for more tank set up, although in
    that case you must use ring of royal in the cube, diminishing the dps
    output, just to balance things out.

    6) Most important thing, we can actually use the Doggy skill and
    Gargy skill for many things, leech life, reduce damage, dps (single
    target and little aoe) and don't forget we have 3 passives for Dogs and

    So just by changing the position of one of the set items, dev's can
    create 4 or 5 more build variations + we will use old builds again just
    like helltooth playstyle.

    Same things happens with the demon hunter with the marauder set and
    loaded for bear (just for an example): Yang's recurve bow (even if it's a
    multishot item) gives 30 to 40% resource cost, focus + restraint, cube
    convention or some other ring, calamity and cindercoat, and you have a
    not so much old Set to play again and to make it better

    Think about it, is just 1 change and gives more possibilities to our pets :3

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