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    posted a message on 2 Necro PS4 Rathma & Inarius Help can't get past GR 60

    hi there, been doing Inarius lazy storm build its from this website


    Just follow the guide with it, its super easy and super fun, im doing it also on a ps4 so it works there as well.

    I currently hit greater rift 82 but think im at the end off the road unless i pick up a primal weapon.

    I strongly suggest reading the guide its easy to follow and works wonders

    I can basically speed run T 13 with this build and everything just dies as i run

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    posted a message on Dont know how to feel about D3

    I have personally given up on high hopes for diablo and its future, i really feel the frequency of change or updates just take to bloody long. I don't even like path of exile but i have to give credit due, those game developers are doing an incredible job.

    I just don't know why diablo is in its current state when you consider the resources and pedigree that blizzard have at its fingers tips.

    Diablo is a great game but it could be so much more and that is probaly the most disheartening thing.

    I have moved on to grim dawn for a long time now, besides being a great game and all that i really love the way they communicate with there fans, they reply a lot in forums, they have developer streams they are not afraid to experiment or mix things up but most of all they are active.

    I really feel the current diablo is run on a shoestring team and that resources are being diverted to other games that make them more money, overwatch wow etc, i can understand this but when i consider the hundreds of millions the game made at the start of its launch it does make me rather vexed.

    i look forward to the necro when it eventually arrives but its just not enough for who they are

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    posted a message on So, how do you feel?

    Maybe i am misunderstanding the Diablo1 event, are they saying that it is going to come once a year as in January and then its gone for the next 11 months, i really don't like this time frame at all, i would prefer it spawn say every last weekend of the month just for a couple of days and then vanish till the next month again. Maybe it should be part of a new season where it gets refreshed on every new season reset

    Unless there plan is to have events like wow and they are going to release regular event content i almost find 11 months of not available a total waste, prehaps i am reading this all wrong.

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    posted a message on New Class DLC - Necro just the beginning?

    If they can release 2-3 new classes a year i would be a happy bunny.

    At the end of the day it would all boil down to price, i am happy to support them as long as they don't take the piss, if i see the necro priced at £29.99 then i am out. 15-20 is what i would find resonable.

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    posted a message on Grim Dawn after release?

    I have just over 600 hours invested into Grim dawn and at present i think its one off the best action rpgs ever made.There's so much depth in itemisation and the amount of sheer fun there is in creating unique and functioning builds is very very satisfying.

    Their are of coarse some issues mainly the game does look a bit dated by modern standards but hey i still play diablo 2 so i don't really care about that.

    i can not recommend this game enough and prehaps if your on the fence, check out some off the steam player reviews to get a good understanding of what people think.

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    posted a message on Lawsuit against Blizzard - would you support crowdfunded campaign?

    Please Get off this site and don't come back.

    There is a reason I don't go to blizzard forums anymore and now it feels like its starting to become a trend here.

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    posted a message on diablo 2 : harder than diablo 3?

    All i know is that act 2 boss in Diablo2 was a pain in the arse on normal setting.

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    posted a message on PTR 2.2 Item Discussion - Schaefer's Hammer (Video)

    Any ideas if Wyrdward ring procs off the weapon?.

    Many thanks

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