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    Pandemonium Fortress is Currently Recruiting for EU
    We have a bunch of people ready for Day One release on June 1st on Mobile.
    We have veterans of the previous Diablo games and also people that have had a substantial amount of time on the Beta.
    We aimt to achive End Game and PvP Content as soon as possible, we have a very dedicated team of players with years of experience.

    We're currently Operating as a Mega-Clan, joining 2 smaller clans into one that will eventually be full of 150players and then brance off into a Sister-Clan, which will possibly go on from there into a Clan-Cluster.
    We will be making an Alliance with the multiple clans we plan to make and aim to Dominate the top 10 Shadow Clan spots on the realm entirely so everyone involved in our multiple Clans can all achive the same rewards.
    There will be no-one left out, everyone wil progress together for the most part, we will be trying our best to include any and all possible and achive the end game together as soon as possible.

    We will be doing extensive farm runs and legendary crest runs to achive the highest player power possible as early as possible.

    We are a huge group of players that have friendly and positive attitudes and helpful mindset on teaching newer players and helping anyone that requests it.
    If you're looking for a Clan for the EU Realms, please consider us as we aim to be big and grow as big as possible and dominate our chosen realm.

    Please be 18+, and we do have a substantial sized US clan now within the cluster.

    If this sounds like something you'll be interested in, please DM me on Discord - Doz#4219 OR alternatively join our Clan Discord.


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