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    There has been suggestions recently on the bnet forums to move LoN to one of two options that I found interesting as concepts:

    A. make it a passive each class can have which now frees up 2 ring slots at cost of a passive slot, slight % bonus buff has been suggested with this.

    B. additional effects besides straight % bonus based on class. as an example, DH bonuses for LoN could give 3% hatred cost reduction and 1% attack speed per ancient item equipped.

    In addition, it has been suggested that primal ancients give a larger % bonus from LoN passive which would seems like a logical thing to do, but would make it harder to maximize potential than it already is.

    I do like the idea of only disallowing 6 set bonuses, but I fear it will mean LoN builds will end up becoming tied into set bonuses like shenlongs/danettas/slanderer-LR/BulKathos/jesseth/manajuma and making other options incomparable - which wasn't the original intention of the LoN set.

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