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    posted a message on Pay to play?
    Blizzard has already stated that thats not the case, buy it and you can play forever.
    They will make their money off expansions, and possible micro-transactions such as name changes and other things that wont effect the actual game play
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    posted a message on Looking for a casual guild
    It seems too early for me to even consider searching for a guild/clan. If i do pick one it would be earliest 1 week before release. Picking one this far ahead just seems odd to me.
    But anyway ive seen a few people create threads about starting clans and BoD is an active one, so plenty of choices so far and growing.
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    posted a message on Suggestions for Ugly D2 builds for Ladder
    my fav skill was firewall :P perhaps mix with glacial spike or nova? :P
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