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    posted a message on servers down.....yet again
    godDAMNit. how many fucking times do they need to fix them in order to FIX them? this is rediculous
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    posted a message on New TV spot, new theories...
    its been datamined for a couple years now that act 4 takes place in heaven and that diablo is trying to corruct the crystal arch, so yes. they are fighting in heaven.

    yes indeed that is diablo, unless youve been living under a rock ( :P ) diablo has a much more feminine look. very slim and slender, even has boobs. people specualting he controls a female this time around.

    also there was speculation that tyrael was holding imperius' weapon but alot of people seemed to doubt it because the blade looked connected at the end. however with this latest tv commercial its almost assured that that is indeed imperius' weapon (forget the name. soldurin??) now the question remains in what order, and for what reason does imperius fight diablo and tyrael?

    someone on another thread had a great theory that imperius is the one who casts tyrael out of heaven (the fallen star). then the hero helps tyrael and returns to the diamond gates and imperius tries to prevent him from entering. thats why those 2 fight. maybe (my speculation) during the tyrael / imperius battle, diablo breaks through to the gates. maybe tyrael is weakened from the battle so imperius takes up arms against diablo. during the battle diablo kills imperius, and thus tyrael takes up his weapon which is why he wields it. could be possible?
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    posted a message on legendary Item Stats
    i'd like to see the legendary/stat item stats posted.... maybe not the stats, but just have all of the legendaries posted on battle.nets website so we can see all the cool graphics they have come up with. though ill be honest, the stats would be nice too. dont see how it would spoil anything, we know the general outline for stats
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    posted a message on You Will Die
    oh sure, promise i will die, but wont promise me a release date?!
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    posted a message on Full Body Diablo pic
    does anyone else think diablo's tail in all his(her?) artwork looks way too big for.... its..... body?

    P.S: about Diablo being a girl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFZrzg62Zj0&feature=related
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    posted a message on The new skill system?
    Quote from "Dimebog" »
    Currently it works like this: You hit the hotkey > aim your cursor > click to cast.

    I explained it here:

    istn this is system used in diablo? say you have multi arrow hotkeyed F1.

    you hit F1, aim your cursor where u wanna shoot, and click?
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