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    posted a message on What the hell is everyones problem with d3s graphics?
    I cant beleive how many people have complained that diablo 3 isnt dark enough.

    Bull fucking crap.

    Look from what i remember, you all wanted the same camera angle, which you got. You wanted next gen graphics, which you also got. And you wanted the same dark and gothic feel, without the cartoony feel, which in my opinion, you got. Yet its just not good enough is it?

    Go and watch the gameplay video again. Look at the darkness, the lack of light, the statues and crumbling walls, the mist and fog and eerie lower depths of the dungeon. Its just like diablo 2 with a massive facelift. I for one couldnt be happier.

    So we see outside. Oh no, its light outside! No shit. Oh no, bushes are green and not grey! No shit. What did you expect.

    Somebody show me a comparison between diablo 3 and the "cartoony" blizzard games like warcraft 3 or WoW which actually looks the same. Any money says you cant do it.

    Oh and they take a few ideas from WoW. Why is that a bad thing? WoW has over 10 million subscribers. They must be doing something right with that bloody game! Why not take a few things from it and adapt it into diablo 3?

    Does anyone here at these forums actually think diablo 3 isnt dark enough? You actually think its too cartoony?

    Let me know cos i want to find you and do stuff to you.
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    posted a message on Thanks again, folks.
    hey everyone, check it out:


    Haha...owned the lot of yas...and im fucking pvm all the way LOL. Nah i had so much fun, it was a rare time where i was on bnet and didnt say 'im bored lets do something'. Duels were so fun. I won the 6 man free for all! Haha. Im proud of everyone, they have managed to get together some alrite characters and items are slowly following. A HUGE thanks to tradingyo, who offered countless items yet again. Everyone, you know that we owe him now, so please help him before yourselves until he is on his feet. Also, be aware Carloseus may still need a hand here and there, and Thasador will be joining us very soon, so please give him all the help you can.

    Ubers was very successful, ive finnally got my pally to an ubering standard, and i think most of you can vouch that he does a pretty gg job of it!

    Also, contrats to siaynoq who seems to have built a damn GG hybrid sin using traps and martial arts. I swear he can Nihl run by himself, and he stacks up even in duels against us all, although he hasnt quite managed to kill me yet =P.

    Its good times again in Diablo, and we should have some wealth put together within a few weeks.

    Get out there and make your legions proud.
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